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Tiny progress

Keep Running Girl


Guys, it happened.  I was doing four sets of five minutes, in the hopes of eventually stringing along enough minutes to ditch the walk breaks all together, and it happened!

It was my third set.  I was chugging along, listening to “Nice White Parents,” and fretting about the world, when I realized that I wasn’t struggling.  I looked at my garmin, assuming that I must have slowed down, but no!  I was at my normal pace.  It just didn’t suck. I didn’t feel like all I wanted to do in the whole world was stop.  

For the first time, in over a year, I was in that space.  I could keep doing this.  I wasn’t dying.  My lungs felt okay.  My legs felt okay.  I was just... running.

I am so relieved.  I was starting to think that it was never going to happen again.  I was just feeling defeated.  I could run.  It’s not that I couldn’t.  I had even built up some small mileage last year. It’s that it never got any easier.  It never felt easy no matter how slow or short.  It was always hard work and I never got into a groove.  It was making me lose that passion that I had for running.  

It was just a taste but it’s enough to keep me going for now.  Just a tiny bit of encouragement to build off.  A little flame to start fanning and see what happens.

I am excited.

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