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As I finished up last week's post I realized that I had developed a disturbing habit of spending my time here whining about how crappy my running was.

I didn't like being that guy. So I resolved to positive up my writing and focus on what was going right. After all, my paces through those 4-5 milers I was doing were well within reasonable for the shape I've been in the last few years. Surely, once the worst of winter was over and I was on the roads regularly again, I'd get some pop back in the old legs, right? More importantly, nobody wants to read about how terrible things are. That gets old real quick. From now on, I'd be looking at the bright side with purpose.

The last couple of weeks I've running past two faces often enough that I recognize them. Not that I run past many faces and rarely do I see one I've seen before. Sadly, the times prevent me from doing more than hope for a polite nod. I'm obviously an creepy old man - three strikes if I'm counting.

Work on the floor continues. I had originally planned to do the teardown quickly in the last week before the planks came in, then decided to start last week. Good thing. The farther I got into things, the more I realized that this is going to be a really tough job. Two layers of tile on top of an underlay, then another two layers of tile and another underlay. The last one thicker than the base floor and nailed down with 3-4 times the number of nails needed. And, whoever the owner was who remodeled the kitchen last installed everything on top of an underlay and a layer of tile. So I have to trim around that unless I want to redo the whole kitchen this month. Nope.

I'll post some pics when I'm done.

Mrs. Dave convinced me to replace my Rincons with the old Cumulus. Didn't take much convincing, since I remember they were always a good shoe. This pair hasn't been, though. From the first run they were stiff and hard. With 60 miles on them, at the end of Friday's 4 miler, my left Achilles said we were done. Ouch.

So much for the positive outlook on running and everything.

I could make this stuff up, but why?

At least resting the Achilles gives me more time to work on the floor. And I need more time to work on the floor.

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