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Going to wait until I see the doc in two weeks to start panicking.

Need to review all my running since August, since that's the last time I remember having a good run. I'm probably wrong about that. Crappy runs are not news. A stretch of crappy runs isn't news, either.

Six months of crappy runs may or may not signal something serious or chronic.

I'd really like to find out for sure, though.

Reviewing the numbers this afternoon, but heart rate seems to be stable within moderate exercise range. Cadence seems the same. Paces aren't much slower for what should be easy runs. Only they don't feel like easy runs. Quads seem heavy and there's no spring in the steps. Not running enough that I would suspect over training.

Feels like something's wrong, but can't put my finger on it.

Getting closer to a decision on the floors. Still worried we're paying too much. Guess that'll always be the case.

I remember when my blog was all about new mileage numbers, longest runs, fastest times, meeting Loopsters, funny things I saw while running, new routes, runcations, XC meets for my kids, concerts.

Those were good times.

The last year or so has been a tough stretch all around.

Makes for a boring blog, I know.

But don't forget, you chose to be here and read this. So don't blame me.

We'll see what comes next.

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I always wonder how much to blame on just aging. But with your Covid history, that certainly adds something to think about. These long hauler cases are sad and very strange. Keep at it.

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I'm interested to hear what the doc says. I had a very mild case 3 months ago but still feel heavy legs and every run is 30 seconds slower that before Covid.  My training partner is having a similar experience. 

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Hope the doc can give you some answers. I would think a sudden change from "normal" to never feeling like you have a great run would be likely to be something other than age.

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I was like this for months after COVID.  In fact, I haven’t had an easy feeling run in the year since. (This week marks the year)

However, I took January and February off entirely and I’m starting back this month with a run/walk program and so far so good.

 Hang in there.

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