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If you were expecting something exciting...



...you'll be very disappointed today.

I skipped my long run last weekend because I fell asleep in the afternoon and felt all groggy when I woke up until it was later than I wanted to go. And by "go" I mean get on the treadmill and run for an hour and a half.

Mrs. Dave and I spent the early part of the day looking at Home Depot and Menard's for vinyl plank to re-do the entry, main hall and kitchen floors. Not really in love with any of what we found. Next stage is to visit some flooring stores in town. We're the worst at deciding things like colors and styles and whatever, but we don't have enough money to pay someone else to do it.

Then we helped move a woman from church move apartments. She's a senior, mentally challenged but fairly independent. The move was just across the parking lot, but it was the work of 4 hours with ab half dozen or so people. When we had gotten the washer and dryer moved, we then had to re-connect the gas dryer in the new place. Except the exhaust was vented in a different location, so we had to do some routing changes to set it up. The pipe from the ceiling came through directly above where the washer hook-ups were instead of over the dryer location. Quick trip to the hardware store for 4 feet of conduit and to the house for my drill and some other supplies. It did spare me helping move the heaviest furniture. Win.

Anyway, by the time we were done, being an old guy now, I needed a short break before I felt like tackling a 10-miler. Trouble was, the 15 minutes I had planned turned into 90 minutes and it just takes too long to wake up after an hour and a half nap. So I called it a cross training day and we had dinner.

Still, 20 miles for the week, and it looks like we're getting a thaw for the next several days, so I'll be outside again this week.

Marathon plans: No real plans yet, but there is a strategy. There are a few races that are going to happen later in the spring (or so it seems from a quick check of FindMyMarathon). Going to have to wait until after the wedding, so I'm thinking first or second week of June. Going to be warmer than I like for a marathon, but whatever. This isn't a BQ-chasing year, so I'm not over-stressing on any training. Just going to out in some miles and run a marathon or two or three in 2021.

Got results back from my recent convalescent plasma donation to the Red Cross. Still positive for anti-bodies. So someone in need will get them, and it means I still have them after almost ten months post-covid.

Now if my running energy would return to 100%, that'd be great.

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I think you should’ve jumped on the TM anyway and given it a mile or two and then called it if you still weren’t feeling it. Also changing up speed and elevation goes a long way to fighting boredom.

Kudos for helping someone move!

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Good news on the anti-bodies sticking around! Hopefully, they stay up as your running returns to 100% 

My husband and I are planning on staying in our current home forever because moving was so difficult. As said above, moving is much harder than any long run - very nice of you to help someone else do it!

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