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January Recap



Success!  I ran every day in January (at least 1 mile) and ran a total of 62 miles, so an average of 2 miles/day.  I was quite proud of that.  Most days I'd get myself outside with saying, "just one mile" and I would end up with more, and even did a day of 4 miles!  Other days, the "just one mile" would be "just one mile" typically "sprinted" on the treadmill in 8 minutes to "get er done." Goal met!  More miles in January than the past two years! Since January, not so much.  Goals are good.  I set a goal and accomplished it. Yay!! Now what?? 3.5 miles so far in February.  

I'd like to race a 10K in May... or maybe a 5K, but who knows if any will happen.  I have a goal race in mind, so I am planning to start a 12-week training program on February 15th. However, motivation is still lacking.  Virtual races/runs do not appeal to me.  It's cold out and icy and I can't get the stroller down the sidewalks. Treadmill works, but DH has to be home for me to use it right now and I rather spend time together with the kids when he's home. Once I get the house set up better with some more monitors, I could get everyone to nap and then jump on for a workout, but naptime = work time.  Maybe DS will start to sleep through the night, then I could get up early to run... maybe someday, but I doubt before the 15th.  But, really, who knows if the May race will happen, so the 15th starting date for a 12-week plan is just a hope for 3 months from now to be more normal.

I didn't get outside today... no ability to get both kids around with me.  I like snow. It just needs to be on grass only, or not freeze hard.  The stroller can handle going over snow and ice, it's just the hard ice when the path is not wide enough that doesn't work and roads are too busy to not be on the sidewalk.  Bleh. Spring is coming - 5 weeks left, or so the groundhog said...

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This is the first winter I've not braved any elements that needed to be braved and it's sort of weird. Even though my brain has decided not to run when it's nasty or extra cold, my heart tells me I'm a wimp and should be ashamed.

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I'm not sure what part of the country you're in, but locally (St. Louis, MO) for me we've started having smaller races. The set up is different, rolling starts, small numbers, etc. I ran a half in November that was set up this way, and I'm signed up for a 5k in March and another half in April. Of course with the new variants of the virus numbers could spike again and cancel the races. (I'm concerned the April race could also get cancelled due to flooding - it's mostly on the riverfront trail and at some point in many springs that is underwater...) Granted MO doesn't have any COVID rules, but the St. Louis metro area does and they are still finding ways to do small races. Keep on keeping on, short runs still count. 

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Congrats on meeting your Jaunary run goal.  It's hard to get motivated and do a training plan when there is no guarantee of a race happening.

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