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On Cholesterol, Running in the Rain and Snow, Vaccinations, and No Progress (in the job search)



I got my lab tests done and got a nasty surprise. Despite running 6+ hours a week, and a mostly decent diet, they came back with high cholesterol. (Everything else was pretty much normal). The doctor said we could start with lifestyle changes, but I’m already super active, and I’m not sure I can run much more. So that leaves diet. I have gained ~10lbs in the last year or so. Mainly related to working from the kitchen table at home. Not good. I’m hoping getting back to where I was weight-wise will help. Although my diet is “mostly decent” I’ve been snacking more, and some of those snacks have been higher calorie (too much cheese, too much chocolate). The doctor didn’t think we needed to retest before next year, but I’d kind of like to when I manage to lose the weight. I have visions of cholesterol collecting all over the inside of my arteries…The good news is that I found out 3 weeks ago, and I’m down around 3lbs, so those changes seem to be working. As someone who not only just earned a master’s degree in nutrition but also did my big final research paper on calorie balance in female runners, I know very well that weight loss as a (female) runner is a tricky thing. But in this situation it is a positive. Also, although it feels frustratingly slow, one pound a week is about the perfect amount to lose – low enough not to disturb metabolism and cause issues.

            I’ve been getting to run in a lot of “interesting” weather lately. Three of my runs in the last 10 days have been in the 30s with rain. Two or three more have been in falling snow or over snowy ground. Today was just cold, but not cold compared to where we are headed. If we were still doing the winter bacon points I’d have earned a few, but when the weather is bad here, it is always worse somewhere else. It also started snowing again about 10 or 15 minutes ago. Not very hard, and it may not amount to much, but the forecast is for 1-3 inches. Then it gets super cold so the snow won’t melt right away like it usually does. If it gets too icy I may brave the gym for the first time in a year. I did a mile “test” this week to see where I was and ran it in 9:01. Not awesome by my standards, but actually a little better than I expected. I plan on doing a test every month or so.

            My parents got their first dose of their COVID vaccinations today. I’m so glad. More and more people I know have been getting sick. My parents still need to get through the next 5-6 weeks before they have fully immunity from the shots, but we’re getting somewhere. My sister is a teacher, but it’s looking like it will be weeks (and maybe months) before our state gets around to the teachers. For me – I would be waiting until the end, but because I participated in the Pfizer trial I actually got my vaccine back in August and September. This is one reason why I’m in any way willing to walk into the gym – though I do have concerns that if the immunity wears off quicker than we hope it could be a problem. I will wear a mask (technically I have to, but I would anyway).

            I’ve gotten no where in the job search – the good news is I still have my current job, so there is no crisis but I haven’t even seen much I want to apply to. I though of a new job category that might work and did a preliminary search the day before yesterday and there were more jobs I hadn’t seen yet, but I was too tired to do a deep dive at the time (and after 12 miles this morning I’m tired again – I told myself I either had to do that, or do this. So, I chose this. I’m hoping I’ll know the right job when I see it – I have an ideal in mind, but I’ve found is quite like it, and I’m not even sure I’d meet the qualifications for the job if I did.  

IMG_3362.jpg.9a1e7cffaaf811c9c238046aa17fc8a7.jpg      IMG_3410.jpg.df1f1c0ace83331128121581430630e5.jpg

Recent run photos...

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Recent pet photos...

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Flirting with o degrees here this morning. Something broke in my head this winter and I'm planning on the treadmill until we get back near 30.

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I am with you on the need to lose 10 lbs, and it's hard.  Good job on the 3lb start!!  One pound a week was working well, but now with snow and ice keeping me inside more often than I would like, my weight keeps fluctuating up and down.  Just when I think I'm making progress, a hard freeze (like today) comes and I can't get the stroller out in the hard frozen terrain.  I just tell myself that once the weather breaks, the weight will again start going down steadily (but slowly) again. 

BTW - I'd be really interested in reading more about your research for your final paper.  That sounds like a really interesting topic!  

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4 hours ago, Dave said:

Flirting with o degrees here this morning. Something broke in my head this winter and I'm planning on the treadmill until we get back near 30.

If I had a treadmill in my house I would have used it on some of these days (and the very cold days to come). Since I have to go to the gym to get treadmill time I haven't - but with an extended stretch of early am temps in the single digits (or maybe lower) I may give in and do a run or two at the gym.

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Ditto on the extra pounds here too. I had slightly above good levels cholesterol years ago. And low Vitamin D levels. With some Googling I found that Vitamin D from the sun can help break down cholesterol. Not sure if that's medically correct or not, but is on the internet. My higher level was after a cloudy, short days winter, so I just made sure to get in the sun more. No idea if it worked (or is working) as I haven't been tested again.

Happy running!

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