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I had a thought




But then it got away from me.

Chances are I'll remember what it was sometime in the next day or so, but it won't likely make it here. 

After last week's 30 days running on the treadmill, I ran outside yesterday. I'd been psyching myself up to be inside for the next several weeks. That's the way to get through an extended injury or stretch of unwanted anything, really. The mental game. But I just couldn't get my head around it.

Instead, I wrapped my head into running as slowly and carefully as necessary to be outside on the slipperiness. Where the dragon of running on a sheet of ice for 5 miles came from, I'll never know, because frankly, it wasn't that bad. It was never that bad.

Not saying that I'm going back to my previous "death before treadmill!" position, but if the weather's half way decent, I'm going outside.

These treadmill runs have all been in the 10:00 pace range. And they haven't felt like it. As long as I have an episode of Vikings or Doctor Who to watch, I can stand the plodding for 40-45 minutes. I did 13 once, a few years ago, but I don't know if I could ever do it again. The 6 from last Saturday was all I could do, mentally. Yesterday, with a few hundred yards on packed snow that brought me to a near walk, I still averaged 9:23, and it felt much easier than the 4 @ 10:00 I've been doing inside.

Woke up this morning feeling pretty drained. Like I'd run 16 yesterday, not the 6 I actually did. One day I hope to feel 100% again.

Going to be alone for a few days starting tomorrow while Mrs. Dave travels out to help T-Rex shop for a wedding dress.

Re-glazed the main bathroom tub & tile, but it needs another coat. Knew I was stretching the limit on the one can of glaze, but I thought I needed another pint. They don't sell pints. And now Home Depot is out of stock, so it's Amazon, and it's another quart which is twice as much as I need. Le sigh.

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Glad to here you have been able to get outside and run.   When I had access to our workplace fitness center I ran everyday in the winter on the treadmill except for Saturdays.   I didn't notice that much or a difference in effort, but the treadmill is alot different run experience.   All my running has been all outside this winter, but I am able do most of my running on a blvd that is that isn't busy but which the city keeps either salted or plowed so I only have had use to my Kahtoola running spikes a few times.

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Glad to hear that you are back outside!  I think that about 45 min on the ‘mill is about my limit. Best of luck to Mrs Dave with dress shopping.  

Nice pic pic of the Vatican Gardens, BTW. Pope Benedict XVI’s crest looks lovely in horticultural form🙂

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