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The Shoes - Take two (or Three)



New try with Brooks – Ravenna - half a size up.  I like a little support.  Helps to prevent rolling ankles, which I tend to do more often than I should.  It hurts.  These were a little less loud fun in color - blue and an orangey-pink.  Insert right foot – feels pretty good!  Insert left foot – feels pretty good too! Now for a test run.  Out with DH, so a nice short jaunt for a test drive.  Everything is comfortable, this is good, not AMAZING, but good! Uh oh.  Is my heel slipping?  I think my heel is slipping.  Hmmm.  1 mile down.  0.5 to go, everything feels good again.  Yay! I think, I will have to test them again.

Or Not.  Something about shopping with another runner (my mom) at a shoe store.  We went to the LRS where I could return my online purchase and try some things on in store first thing at opening to avoid as many people as possible.  Not sure why I wanted Brooks to work so much, but since I was there, I tried on a few New Balance (the brand of my racing shoes) and everything felt better than Brooks for me! I tend to be in between sizes in Brooks and Nike (I know this, but still try them every so often).  Good thing I brought the Ravennas with me (to show my mom the color), back they went!

Years ago, I had found THE shoes – Brooks Pureflows – they made me feel fast (and seemed to help me run a little faster too). Nothing has been close to how they felt.  The shoes I race in (New Balance Rebel are as close as anything has been) and the NB Beacon 3 are even closer.  Yay!! After a few runs these feel great, not absolutely perfect, but the best I’ve had in a long time!  The best thing- I am excited to run in them again!  I’m saving them for days I want to go slightly harder for that little bit of extra motivation!

At Applepie's request - I will try to add some shoe porn soon!

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Yes, you should include pics of new shoes. Don't be like me.

Why can't at least the major shoe makers get together and agree on standard sizing? I wear 7-1/2 dress shoes (mostly anyway), 8 in HOKAs but have to go to 8-1/2 for ASICS. Really dumb.

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7 hours ago, Dave said:

? I wear 7-1/2 dress shoes (mostly anyway), 8 in HOKAs but have to go to 8-1/2 for ASICS. Really dumb.


weird. my dress shoes fit exactly the same. maybe the problem is with your dresses.

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Oh yes! The old Brooks Pureflow were my sister's and mine favorite running shoes.  I set my marathon PR in Pureflows.

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