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What has happened to me?



Two days late writing my weekly update.

Yesterday snowed lightly off and on for most of the day. An inch or two total. At or near freezing.

I turned on an episode of Vikings and ran on the mill.

Today was bright and sunny. High 20s.

I turned on the BYU-Pepperdine basketball game and ran on the mill.

Is this why I'm more and more reluctant to write a running blog post?

Like being injured, I guess. Have to be patient. Have to believe things will get better. Have to believe that people will decide to attack problems and not each other. If they could at least agree on what the problems are, maybe that could happen. So far we can't even agree on what the arguments are.

Did run outside on Saturday. 10 miles. had the watch covered so no idea what the pace was until after. Turned out that mile 5 was just over 8 minutes, which is a fair bit faster than I'm really up for right now. So the way home was sitting on the struggle bus.

New shoes. Went back to try a pair of the old standby, Cumulus 21. Mostly for the price. The Rincons got me 500 miles.

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Updates are hard when nothing seems to be interesting. I hang on to the fact that we seem to be heading in the right direction with the vaccine (I hope).   Maybe implementation is a point of argument, but at least it is happening!  I am starting to get the urge to look up some races again with hope that they won't be "virtualized".

Good luck with the new - old shoes!

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