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Quick update because I said I would post regularly

Keep Running Girl



I know you all have been waiting with bated breath to hear about my jaw.  I'm sorry to keep you in suspense!  It was not scooped.  It was scraped.  And they didn't cut in through the side of my jaw, they drilled THROUGH THE CROWN to get to the infection.  It was so much worse that I thought.  And it wasn't a small infection, it was, according to the doctor, "massive".

So right now, the void in my jaw is packed with some kind of medicine and I will have to keep going back to have it scrapped and repacked until it heals.  Which also is so much worse than I thought because - on the first Monday of the year - I exhausted my calendar year maximum.  (Why are teeth not medical?  Who decided that?)

I ran one mile once this year.  Hopefully I'll get some more miles in but work is crushing right now.  I pretty much stay at the office until I am exhausted, drive home, eat, pass out and then wake up to a panic attack about work when I have slept enough for the exhaustion to wear off. (About 3:30 am ftr).  Then it starts all over again. 

I have a long post planned out in my head in which I talk about pineapples but it will have to wait for now.

Miss you guys.

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Sounds really painful. I'm going in for my (finally) final appointment to have my tooth implant placed. This has been a full year and a half getting done, including 12 months of having a gap where my #8 (front right) tooth belonged. And I agree - dental should be part of medical coverage.

The job also sounds painful. Reminds me of working in retail.

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Ow. Ow. Ow. Hope the infection goes away much quicker than anticipated with as few scrapings as possible. 

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My teeth hurt just reading about this! Here’s to quick healing and more running in pineapple pants. 

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As you clearly will not be able to eat day-old doughnuts for a while, your Arizona fan club will dutifully accept your excess stash.

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Yikes, the tooth sounds dreadful, and so does the stress about work.  Here’s hoping you’re back to running in glorious pineapple tights soon!  

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