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New Year ------ Thank goodness.




I have been fortunate this past year; being able to run most of the year (1100+ running miles) and averaging around 24 miles a week now running 4x/week.  Most of my runs have been easy runs with some pickups incorporated to give me a sense of speed, but no actual speed work. 

My oldest daughter that is staying with us got a golded retriever puppy this past summer.   This has involved alot of training for the puppy and us, but has brought us alot of laughs and joy!  Hopefully one day she will be joining me on some of my runs.



I mentioned a while back that I was planning on retiring at the end of 2020 after 34 years with my employer.   Well, the decision was made for me on November 13th when I was let go/terminated.  This was not a total surprise as my employer has been continually reducing head count at our (high cost) location over the past year.   I take some solace in that I notified my superiors in September that I was going to retire around the end of the year (I was planning my retirement day to be December 13th, taking my remaining vacation for the year), and that by getting rid of me someone else might not have to leave.  So in the end it was a win-win they got rid of a high cost engineer and I got 6 months severance pay that I wouldn't have received if I had retired.  My life is now alot less stressful if not completely enjoyable with COVID around.

Last week I decide to do a little longer morning run to take back a book to the library.   The book just fit in my hydration pack, minus the bladder, which kept it from bouncing much while running with it.   When I got to the library after 4.5 miles there were signs up indicating all the return drop boxes were locked due someone on the library staff testing positive for COVID.  Oh well, it sounded like a good idea not to use my car.   I ended up returning the book this week using my car while I was in the area doing other errands.

Also, I signed up last November for the Traverse City Bayshore half marathon which takes place on the Saturday before Memorial Day, but alas last week I received notice that it was cancelled again.  Oh well, things are going to get better...........eventually.

Books read the last couple of months:

"The Art and Science of Aging Well" by Mark E. Williams

"Brain Rules for Aging Well" by John Medina

"Aging Well" by George E Vaillant

"The Hourglass Solution: A Boomer's Guide to the Rest of Your Life" by Jeff Johnson and Paula Forman




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Dogs always find the most comfortable positions to sleep.  I should try sleeping with my head hanging off a step sometime too!  She looks like she should be a great part-time running partner to change up the routine sometimes! Congrats on the retirement!

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On 1/13/2021 at 7:17 AM, Dave said:

I see a pattern in your reading, but that's probably just a coincidence.

I tend to deep dive into subjects that interest or affect me, which also explains why most of the books I read are running related.

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