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An in person race and some struggles (both RR and NRR)




I’ve had a hard time motivating myself to write. Once I finished my masters degree it felt like my brain just sort of shut off. I haven’t been successful in my job search either, but I haven’t been trying as hard as I should. A masters in nutrition isn’t opening doors the way I hoped it would. Most jobs that are directly related to nutrition require the RD, which I can’t get because doing the internship, while not technically impossible, is in practice impossible. It was still very worthwhile information, and having the masters still might help me get a research job. It could also be helpful if I ever pursue some kind of coaching certification. I won’t work on that until I can take some kind of in person classes. (Even if it is just RRCA)

I ran my socially distanced but in person half the first weekend in November. It was a very warm and sunny day. The Innsbrook half was even hillier than I expected (and I expected the most hills I’ve ever had in a race.) The actually elevation gain varied depending on what I was looking at but I like to go with the highest which was 1,600 feet. But that was 1,600 up and 1,600 down because we started and ended at the same place. It was beautiful, but hard. It was my slowest half by around a minute, except for the trail half in the pouring rain. But this one was on those serious hills, plus most of it was rough gravel roads.


Maybe the longest flat stretch in the entire race. I didn't pull the camera out at all except for this spot - it was very pretty, but most of the race was in pretty dense trees, so it would not have been all that impressive in a photograph.


Same spot, looking out over all the hills. I felt like I ran up and down all of those hills. Now that I think about it - this wouldn't have been my slowest non-trail half if I hadn't stopped to take these pictures. Oh well. This picture is worth it I think.


Free race photos! This was just after where I stopped to take the pictures.




Nice medal


The back. More hills in this race than I realized were in this part of Missouri.


The race is still going on in this picture - everyone was well spaced out. In fact the first person to finish, finished before I even started...

It took a long time to recover from that race. My quad and ankle were bothering me going in and the quad in particular took almost a month to feel back to normal. I still feel like I’ve lost a TON of speed in the last couple years, with frequent injuries probably the biggest factor in that, but maybe age is too. I felt especially slow after this race, and it took more than a month before my heart rate settled back into a more normal state during my runs – at first it would spike much higher than normal at a given pace. Finally by about the middle of this month things were more normal.

I don’t want the loop to go away, so I’ll try to be better about writing.


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Congratulations on being able to race this year! 😃  Good luck with the job search  I’m not sure what t tell you other than that, I know it must be frustrating.

BTW, I’m feeling the itch to write again: it has been too long and I want to see this place stick around, too!



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Congratulations on the new degree. I remember when you started it and felt maybe you couldn't do it. But you just put your head down and did the work - and now you're done! I'm sure it will be a net-positive for your life - regardless of what happens with work. 

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