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Hey, look. I'm running.




A couple of weeks in now after taking a couple of weeks off, I think I can confirm my previous diagnosis of tendonitis.

This is actually from an old basketball injury. In fact, my last basketball injury and the reason I retired from the sport altogether. I was semi-retired at the time and let some guys talk me into coming for a night because they needed a player to round out the team and avoid a forfeit. Took a fall and landed on my knee and was in pain for a while. Some months later I went in for an MRI and the doc called it a tendonosis. Been there ever since, although it's mostly better when I run more. Wednesday this week I finally had a run (4 miles) where it didn't hurt at all.

It wasn't really a great run, though. I was probably trying to go faster than I ought because Dave. And it was 80o, which I remember the weatherman saying a couple of weeks ago that we were done with 80o temps. So I'll blame it on the heat. Heart rate got sort of high for the second half. Suppose I could have slowed down, but where's the fun in that?

Anyway, one more day with summer weather and then it's supposed to be fall for real. We'll see about that.

In the meantime, not going to run every day for a few weeks at least to make sure the knee stays quiet. Not running everyday makes me think maybe I should do some XT on the off days, which I know is crazy. It's taken a few weeks of thinking but yesterday I went downstairs and did some. A little with the weights. Some weighted stair climbs. Some ab stuff. Bleh.

It'll be better when I run more.

Guess that's it for today.

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Glad to hear you're back running.  I know strength/cross training is no fun, but I figure if it helps keep me running it is worth it.

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I think it's called cross training because it makes me cross.  I injured my knee playing basketball a couple of years ago and I decided I wouldn't play anymore because I didn't want to take time off from running again. About 3 weeks ago, I played basketball again and was surprised and happy to find out I could still cut and move without any sign of injury or weakness.

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