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Starting up. Slowing down.



With T-Rex getting a little more independent at school and Mrs. Dave working full time, I find myself with more free time than I've been used to over the years. Not running a ton adds even more. So I decided a couple of weeks ago to do some deep cleaning around the house, starting with the bedrooms. I imagined that I would whip through one per day after work and be done in less than a week (4 BRs). You can already see where this is going.

The first room when just as planned. Removed all the furniture and wall decor, gave the carpet a good vacuum and shampoo, then put it all back. Only took a few hours, including drying time from the shampoo. I got this.

Room #2, which has belonged to T-Rex since 2002, started the same. As I was clearing the walls, a number of white patches reminded me that she had once had a ring of sea animals (dolphins & fish all around the room. I'd taken those down when she outgrew the motif, but it had left some damage to the paint. It was a quick fix back when I did it, not doubt thinking I would finish it off with new paint some day soon thereafter. "Soon thereafter" had become "someday" apparently. And now was the time. Of course, after close to 20 years there was no sign of the original paint among the various cans I keep in the basement for various touchup projects. There was a half gallon of the Blue Bird Day we'd used for the master bedroom, but it wasn't close enough to match, nor was there enough to paint the entire room. So there was a lengthy pause in the operation while Mrs. Dave and I went to Home Depot.

You know, the fastest part of painting is the painting. Most of the rest - removing things from the walls, window treatments - was already done as part of my cleaning project. Then there's the repairing of holes and masking of all the trim and ceiling. I know people who can paint without masking off that stuff, but I'm just a little too messy a painter for that. Tape is my secret weapon. But it takes a long time and it was another full day before I finished and put everything back in. Everything except a big tub of junk sweet memories from T-Rex's childhood. Those have been stored away for her to sift through at a later date.

And today, after almost another full week, I'm in the middle of room #3. This was initially the oldest's crib, then belonged to Big Mac. It has a desert oasis look to it, with two colors and a wallpaper strip with palm trees all around and matching bed set. To my chagrin, it also has several bits of damage to the paint and wall. The good news is that I do have a fair amount of the original paint to refurbish the top portion. The bad news is I don't have any for the bottom and that has the most nicks and scrapes. So another trip for paint is coming up. At least this will be a little less expensive.

Started running again this week after two weeks off (if anyone's counting). The knee isn't 100% but seems to continue improving. Did 3 miles on Monday and 4 on Wednesday, both at a decent pace (8:30s) and it felt better in the middle of the runs than the beginning. No swelling.

I figure if I'm this old, I can either be running a little bit hurt, or I can not be running and a little bit hurt. So I'll run as long as I'm not a lot hurt. That's normal, isn't it?


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Unfortunately being a little bit hurt when we are older is alot different than being a little bit hurt when we were younger.

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