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Not being much of a racer back when we could race all the time when we wanted, I surprised myself this week by signing up for a race.

It's not really a race because I'm not in shape to do any racing racing. And it's not really a race because it has an open start, with no more than 5 people allowed to begin the course at the same time. But there's a course. There's an entry fee. There are timing chips and times recorded and awards to be given out. So, it's a race.

It's the annual Run Thru Hell. I've done it a few times. It was cancelled once, the year the AD's wife died. Funny, I had it on my calendar at the beginning of the year, then forgot about it, assuming that it would be cancelled like every other race on the planet. Mrs. Dave and I even had a conversation about it a couple of weeks ago when she saw it on the google calendar.

"I don't imagine it's going to happen. Just delete it."

And then, Tuesday this week I got an email from them. There's going to be a race. Normally they do both a 10 and a 5 miler, but this year only the 5. Please come. Though about it for a couple of days and decided to sign up.

Not really a race, but close enough.

Apparently, I have an itch.

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I'm doing a virtual 5k tomorrow. Like you, I just couldn't resist the opportunity to "race". It cost $10 and we can run it any time in a two week period. The course is a segment on Strava, so results will be tabulated from there. I even get a medal. So I'll run. Not sure how hard I'll push, but pretty hard, knowing me. Shoot for last month's virtual 5K time, I guess.

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Good for you.   It's good to get out and run some place different after running the same routes all the time, with our races being cancelled.   From your past race summaries I believe this race has a pretty hilly course.  Good luck and enjoy the change in scenery.

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