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doug in co


is what the cardiologist suggested. Usually in summer I like to do trail runs up to high mountain lakes and streams, fish a bit, then run back. My doc advised that climbing 2-3000ft up a mountain, with heart rate near max for several hours, does not qualify as moderate. Who knew ?

Ran a couple of times, easy 3 miler around the park, which went fine except the bum left knee woke up from its slumbers and started paining again. Back on the bicycle it is, then.

Instead of the trail runs, decided on a backpack in to the high country. I planned a moderately ambitious hike, just 13 miles and 2000ft.


The HR stayed down but the legs quit on me.. after about 8 miles the bum knee was complaining, heel bursitis had flared up, and the muscles didn't want to lift anything anymore, never mind me plus a 30lb backpack.


It's a sign !
But I'm not sure what it means.. this is about 7 miles in. The trail (on L of picture) was so faint I kept mistaking game trails for the route, winding up puzzled in the middle of a meadow full of deadfall. There was a fire some years ago, the trees died and have been falling steadily ever since. This produces lush meadows crisscrossed with fallen timber.

The plan had me camping on a trout lake at about 6pm, with time for a few casts for trout. Camped instead on a fishless lake about 2 miles and 400ft of climbing short of goal. It was still a good camp.  And there was evening,


and there was morning,


Legs felt oddly good this morning and knocked off the two miles over to trout in 45min. The fish were rising..


and the scenery couldn't be beat. Fished a bit, then six miles back down the hill.

Dejected that I have become so weak, but happy I can still do this..


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Pretty cool to be able just drive up to a trail head/spot and to backpack into a remote lake and fish.  

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