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I love Colorado.




And I didn't even get out to see most of it. Just the views from Denver and Franktown.

But it was a great long weekend anyway. T-Rex got to see her boy, we met his parents, and we spent a little time with some old friends. Not working for 5 days was good, too.

Got a couple of runs in on Friday and Saturday.

Friday was in Franktown. That's a half hour south of Denver, if you were wondering. There's not much there, which is fine. Lots of big houses, spread out over lots of area. Our friends live at the top of a hill with spectacular views both near and far. I was going to keep it short on Friday since we'd traveled the day before, not to mention that I haven't done any hills in forever and it was at 6,500 feet above sea level. Not what I'm used to. Fortunately, the first day or two the blood still has oxygen from where you came from, so the only thing that kicked my butt was the actual climbing. I've run here once before and remember how steep that last mile-long hill back to the house is. Yikes! Anyways, I eyeballed the map on my phone and figured I could do a loop out to the highway, then down to the turn off where we drove up the night before. I knew that last piece was a mile, and it sort of looked like a mile to the highway, then another to the turn off. 3 miles. They told me they've had a couple of cougar sightings in the area but I wasn't worried about that. There's also a bear that's been rummaging through people's garbage cans. Wasn't too excited about that prospect, although it didn't seem like a good idea to discuss that with Mrs. Dave until maybe after we got home. Saw four deer at the first intersection, then another two just before the highway. My plan was to cross and run on the south side of the road against traffic, but noticed a single track that paralleled the highway about 15 yards from the traffic (what traffic there was, which wasn't much), so I ran on that. This is also about where I began to see that my 3 miles was actually going to be more like 4. But this was mostly downhill, so I felt OK and was in no hurry. Turns out it was 4 miles to the turn off, so this was a 5-miler. That was fine with me, but I wondered if Mrs. Dave would be worried when I was 15 minutes later than I told her I was going to be. She slept through most of it, so it was fine. As expected, that last climb was a killer, but I only walked at little for the steepest part.


Saturday's run was a 3 mile out and back from a hotel. We figured to save the drive time that day so didn't go back to Franktown that night. The hotel was just a mile or so from the first house we had in Denver back in 1987, so it was a little nostalgia tour. Ran past a golf course where I'd lost a pitching wedge one day. A mile and a half out comes really quickly. I felt like going farther, but this wasn't a run-cation, so I headed back.

Most of our time was spent getting to know this kid that T-Rex is all gaga over. We went to a couple of escape rooms and decided we really like them, even though we felt pretty stupid most of the time. Denver has some really nice min-golf courses and we played a couple of those, too. It was at or near 100o the whole weekend, but 100o in Denver feels like 80o in Detroit, so we didn't mind so much. And we ate too much.

Never had any trouble with the altitude until the airport on the way home yesterday, when I had to navigate a broken escalator carrying our one checked bag that only weighed 35 pounds. Holy moly, I was sucking serious wind before getting to the top. Good thing I didn't run that day.

Back at home and nothing's changed here. Still working at the dining room table and expect to be here for the rest of the year. Sometime soon they'll approve a date for me to go to the office and clear out whatever person stuff I left there. I may never go back at least for my current client/contract.

I last filled my gas tank in mid-March. After the drive to and from the airport, I still have a quarter of a tank.

Crazy world.

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Although I didn't enjoy living in Denver, I do love visiting it! Glad you had a good time. 

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My family has done a couple of escape rooms; one in Chicago, and one in Ferndale and enjoyed them.  It is great that they both had way of getting you audio hints when you get stuck.   I found that you really have to pay close attention to what the clues say when solving them.

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