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It's been almost 2 months since my last bloop where I was sidelined from running with my hip injury and had started bicycling.  After bicycling for 2 weeks I tried to resume running and failed miserably with my hip soreness returning immediately when I started to run, back to bicycling.  I continued bicycling for another 2 weeks averaging about 60 miles per week.   I took a week off and finished a couple of planter boxes for my wife that I had been promising her for almost a year.  I used left over decking materials from our deck we had built last year and it took me a month time wise with almost half of the time spend calculating how to use the left over decking to make the correct number and length of boards needed for the planter boxes.  I had check and correct and re-check my numbers multiple times to finally feel confident enough to start cutting the left over decking materials.  
After the week off I tried run(5-7 min)/walking(3 min) my standard 3.4 running loop and was able to complete it successfully without a hip pain (Hooray!).   I waited a few more days and completed another run/walk running loop, and then ran the whole 3.4 mile loop successfully without any hip pain although at what I thought was a very easy pace for me, though my heart rate was up at my previous tempo pace. rate I have continued running easy 3.4 mile loops 3-4 times a week, once feeling a little hip pain afterwards.  I will continue to running slow (9:30 - 10 min pace) to build up my endurance.  I really appreciate it to be able to be back running, I enjoy it so much more than bicycling.
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I fully understand how much better running is than cycling, and how high the HR is on the first several runs back!  Hoping for continued healthy and joyful return for you.

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