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Disappearing - EDIT



Sort of a magic trick, I guess.

Last blog post was April 28, reporting on Dave's Double Dog Dare Distance Covid-19.3 Challenge. That was a tough couple of races. Hamstring in the early miles of the 10K, then a wall smack late in the pikermi the next day.

I took three days off, then figured to run another month of good miles before doing a triple for the May Covid-19 races. On Wednesday, I ran tried to run an easy 4 miles up to the Home Depot. It was a pretty crappy run, despite the near perfect weather. Normally on the back half of the HD route I run 30-60 seconds faster than the first part. That day it was barely even and I felt AWFUL.

So, I supposed the weekend took more out of me than I thought. This made no sense to me, because through April I'd kept up pretty close to my original marathon training plan, thinking at the time that my late May race might still happen. But, fine, I'll take another couple of days and then do some easy runs.

Saturday, I got a mile out at 10:30 pace and walked home.

Rested Sunday, then went for a couple on Monday. Better, finishing over 2 miles at 9-ish, but this was not what I was used to, even on a bad day. More rest? I ran another few days, a couple of miles each at the same pace. And felt no better. Took a week and a half off.

For the May Covid-19 races, I did a 5K and felt pretty accomplished to finish under 30 (28:47). This included a MONSTER kick at 8:50 pace.

Of course you're thinking the same thing I'd been thinking for most of this time. Did I have Covid-19? Mrs. Dave had tested positive for C-19 antibodies, so she had had it at one point (her only symptom was loss of taste and smell). Obviously, she had brought some of the little menaces home from the hospital at least once since the whole mess started back in March. Surely I'd been exposed. But testing was still on a "need to know" basis, and my symptoms were pretty mild compared to many. Mild headache all day, every single day, and I rarely have headaches. A little tightness in the chest. I wouldn't say I had breathing difficulty, but my short little runs would have me sucking wind more than normal, despite the slow pace. And there was this lethargy, a deadness in my legs (only) when I tried to run. No fever. I FaceTimed with my doc after those first two weeks, asking if I should get tested. He said it was up to me, but he didn't think so. I had something, but it probably wasn't C-19. I'd be fine in a couple of weeks.

So, I stayed home even more than the Governor (and my new girlfriend), Big Gretch, advised. And waited for the 2-3 weeks that this thing (if that's what it was) was supposed to need to take its course when I'd be as good as new, well-rested and ready to start putting in some miles again.

Except 2-3 weeks stretched into 4, then 5. They finally extended testing to anyone who wanted, and I went last Sunday. Just in case, I isolated from the girls until the results came in, which they did last night. Negative. Did I have it early and now it's no longer active? Possible, but why then am I still having these symptoms? My last run was on the 30th. A slow, difficult 2 miles. Still the headache. Still the tightness in my chest.

Planning to go for serology this afternoon to see if I have developed antibodies. Between that and my upcoming doc visit, I'm 2 weeks out from knowing anything more.

EDIT - Visit to urgent care yesterday for serology. So that's in process. But, as I was reviewing my symptoms (granted, I was playing it up a little bit to make sure they approved my request for serology), the "tightness in my chest" phrase was a trigger. The NP immediately ordered a chest x-ray while she asked me a bunch more questions that pointed to heart trouble. The heart attack line didn't go anywhere, but the x-ray showed the real problem (still to be confirmed by a radiologist) - pneumonia. Well, well, well. Light at the end of the tunnel now, anyway.

In the past I've always kept writing even when I wasn't running, but this time I haven't felt like it much.

Fixed the kitchen and dining room chairs. Most of them had legs or spindles that had loosened or broken over time.

I have done some good puzzles in the last few weeks. I like a challenge, so I do 2000 piece ones. That's about as large as my dining room table has space for and takes 40+ hours of work to complete. Lately, that's only about a week's worth, since I'm not running or going anywhere. Good hobby for the Time of Covid.


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I've been wondering about you!  I hope you get answers soon; not knowing what's going on is scary and frustrating.

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