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Five Days a Week




It's June 1st. Time to check in and let any curious folk know what I'm up to. 

With no races in the foreseeable future, running is different. I'm used to racing about every month or so and it has now been 3 months since the last one. But I keep training as if there will be a marathon in the Fall. Without the small races I don't have cutback weeks or rest weeks so the training has been consistent and the miles are piling up. My totals for April and May were not HUGE (146 and 173), but were enough to be the highest in 40 years for those particular months. Because I've never done marathon training in April or May.

Earlier I wrote about my plan to run four days a week every week for the whole year. Illness killed that in March as one week I ran once, and the next week I ran three. But otherwise I am staying on schedule! In fact, I was feeling good enough to change the goal to running five days a week. In the past I've never done more than three consecutive weeks of 5 runs (since college), but I just finished my EIGHTH consecutive week doing 5 runs! It has become my new habit. I'm tired a lot, but the body is adapting and I'm starting to see some improvement - although not a whole lot. I'm still disappointed in slower times, but I'm trying to accept whatever I can do, and hope that this big base will pay off in the Fall. 

Maybe I will even do 6 runs some weeks. I have not done that once since college. But maybe rest is over-rated. Is a 5 mile easy run better than a rest day? Does the accumulated mileage really matter? I believe the answer is yes, so stay tuned. So far the body is holding up. No injuries. Just the usual soreness. Worst is the bottoms of my feet which don't seem to have the padding that they used to. Even with new shoes.

That's all I've got. 


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I am insanely impressed you have 40 years of mileage data!

IMO and in my experience (IME?), more days a week of running is better as long as you stay healthy doing it...everyone has to find their own balance there.

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I've always preferred 6 days running per week. It's the best grounding habit I ever developed and keeps me from looking back on any day thinking I've accomplished nothing because there was always a run.

Right now I only have hard jigsaw puzzles and the occasional car repair.

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I think it is good to change up your training schedule every once in awhile to keep fresh, and more miles I think is OK as long as your getting enough rest.   This is probably more true as we get older.

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