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Hip Gluteal Tendinopathy and some hope.




Week of May 3
Total Miles: 3.4
This week I have decided to rest my hip and concentrate more on strength, stretching, and cross training.
Mon: 13 minutes of yoga; hip flexor stretches.  Although the stretches are challenging I am able to complete them with out any hip pain.
Tue: 32.5 min of strength training
Wed:  90 min of walking, some up and down stairs.  My DW tripped and fell outside resulting in gash to her head.  I will spare you the gory details but it required us to make a trip to the hospital emergency while she held a dish towel to her head to contain the bleeding.  Once we reach hospital emergency room we find out (unsurprisingly) that now only patients are allowed in and the my DW will call me when she needs me.  One thing with COVID-19 id sadly most people including the people that really need to go to emergency are avoid going to the hospital in fear of contracting the virus,  so now and the emergency room is pretty much empty when we get there.   So now while waiting and since it is a nice sunny day in the mid 60s I decide to walk around the Hospital including using a walking overpass that goes over the road in front of the Hospital.   90 minutes later I receive a call from DW, picked her up with some stitches and a sore head, but she is generally in good spirits.  Since then she has been recuperating nicely, although a little black and blue.
Thu: 13 minutes of yoga; hip flexor stretches.  I can't seem to get myself to bike after I finishing working from home for the day, but do manage to do the hip flexor yoga stretches.  At least I have checked out my bike and added air to the tires.
Fri: 32.5 min of strength training.  
Sat: Upper 30s and partly sunny, 3.4 mi run/walk 35:22  10:28 min/mi, 109 avg HR.  I was debating whether to bike or run, but with it being in the 30s I decide to do run/walk, running for 5 min followed by 1 min of walking.  The first 5 minutes of running I am fine, but beginning with the next 5 minute running interval my hip starts feeling sore and I increase the time of my walking intervals to about 75 seconds.  I finish my local running loop with my hip sore but I was still able to run without any sharp pain.   Unfortunately my hip remained sore for the rest of the day.  I probably should have applied ice to it.  
Thursday I received a book: Science of Running: Analyze Your Technique, Prevent Injury, Revolutionize Your Training by Chris Napier which was one of a new books for 2020 reviewed in an article at the Runners World web sit at:  https://www.runnersworld.com/gear/a30282932/new-running-books-2020/  This book has many detailed anatomic illustrations, identifies atomically various running injuries, and exercises and stretches to prevent and correct those injuries.  I also received my 2020 No. 3 Runners World magazine (now only published 6 times a year) which has an article devoted specifically to hip injuries.  Between those two sources I was able to identify my hip injury as Gluteal Tendinopathy (pain felt in the side of the hip where the gluteal tendon attaches to the top of the femur).   So I plenty of help for overcoming my injury status.
Week of May 10th.
Total Miles: 21 (bicyling)
Celebrated Mother's Day and my son's birthday Sunday.  For dinner I decided to order takeout dinner from Kruse & Muers one of my DW's favorite seafood restaurants near us that was still doing take out orders, but after 70 some calls and always getting a busy signal (go figure, it's mothers day) I decided to drive the mile to the restaurant and see if I could place an order at the restaurant.  Sure enough I was able to park in the restaurant parking lot filled with others waiting for their orders, and from the inside of my car with my mask on flag down one of the restaurant employees to take my order.   We had a nice mday and bday dinner and then afterwards picked up ice cream treats from Dairy Queen for desert.   
No running for the week, more yoga and strength training, and a Saturday 21 mile bike ride.  It felt good during the ride to get some aerobic exercise and the weather was great being in the 60s.  Saw many runners, walkers, and bikers, but it was mostly easy to navigate around people to maintain social distancing.  My hip has started to fell better as part of my morning wake up ritual is to do some stretching exercises along with a exercise where I balance on one leg and and to do a small squat were I touch the heel of lifted leg in front me to the left, center, and right for a total of 24 times on each leg.   I learned this exercise when I was going to physical therapy for PF, and it seemed to be a good one to help my balance, foot and ankle strength and flexibility.   When my hip became sore I noticed performing this while standing on my leg with the sore hip that I would feel hip pain which got somewhat better as I completed the 24 reps.  Now the pain is mostly gone, so hopefully I can resume running soon.  Cheers.

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I admire your dedication to all the XT (I'm the worst) and study of the mechanics. That should keep you running long term. Best of luck.

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