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Final semester of my master's in nutrition is about to begin...



        I'm about to start my final semester of my master's degree in nutrition. My classes this semester are Nutrition and Physical Performance and my Capstone class (which is a review of what I've studied and a final major project, but somewhat short of an actual thesis). In my Research Methods class I submitted a proposal about looking into the attitude of runners vs. non runners on nutrition. It sounds like we may not actually be allowed to use a topic we previously worked on. Here is where you all can help me - what about nutrition and running do you want to know more about or feel like isn't well addressed in available information? Most of this project will be a literature search and review (looking at previously published research) but I would still like to include some new information via a small survey if that is allowed to be a part of this project.

       I'm excited about this semester but also nervous, I had intended on beginning to at least look around at what sort of jobs I might be able to get, but with the current pandemic situation the job market isn't exactly anywhere close to normal, or probably anything like it will be in four months. So that will have to wait. I'm also not feeling ready to go back to the grind of work and classes. My brain is still fried from the previous year and a half plus with only 3ish week breaks between classes and now the pandemic concerns on top of all of that. I've tried to take a nice break but I haven't been super successful.

         About the only thing that has held steady is running. It really has been helpful for me to maintain the schedule of running first thing in the morning before I start my workday. I have also started a running streak. I am 14 days in, and so far so good. Though to be fair, my easiest days are run/walks, not steady runs, but it's my streak and I'm counting it. My only goal for sure with this streak is to continue until at least the day I go back to working AT work, which could be as soon as a week from tomorrow based on St. Louis County and St. Louis City's current plans for beginning reopening. However as long as I feel good doing this I may keep going indefinitely. Especially since there don't look to be any big races to train or taper for anytime soon. 

        I am doing a series of virtual runs outside of the Loopville Covid-19 series. The is a local series (Resilience Run and Ride) being put on to support local businesses and charities that are losing so much money due to the current situation, and it includes a 5k, 10k and 15k. The series of bike rides is 10m, 25m, and 50m. They can be done anytime between now and the beginning of June. I've already done the 10k and 15k, but I haven't mustered the will to do a "fast" 5k. I did get the medals and the shirt today, dropped off by someone from Big River Running the LRS (a non contact drop off at my front door) I missed seeing them, and I'm sad because I would have liked to wave. I haven't seen too many people in person since the stay at home order began (as it should be, but hard). 


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That's a great running photo!

I'm not sure what to suggest re: capstone project. Maybe some sort of look into best type of diet to reduce inflammation from long runs? 

Good luck!

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good luck in your last semester. i'd be curious to know more about how aging affects the nutritional needs of those who are very active.  

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This is certainly the roughest patch we've seen in our lifetimes. Praying we can all get through it. Those daily runs sure help.

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Keep your streak going.  Getting any regular exercise during these times is sure to pay dividends, mentally and physically.




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