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Spring is Here !!!!



Week of April 28
Total Miles: 26
This weeks weather was generally really nice, a lot warmer and sunnier, pretty much t-shirt and shorts weather for my runs.   Decided to cut out any speed work for this week and just do easy pace runs, except for Wednesday.
Mon: 63F and sunny; 60 min easy run; 6.56 miles, 9:09 min/mi, 124 avg HR. 
Tue: 66F and cloudy: 61 min easy run; 6.57 miles, 9:21 min/mi, 125 avg HR.  
Wed:  52F and cloudy;  60 min easy run; 6.56 miles, 8:51 min/mi, 124 avg HR.  Good weather for running and generally felt really great and strong with my paces increasing each mile; 9:13/119, 9:02/118, 8:49/123, 8:46/128, 8:41/130, 8:34/129.  I really enjoy it when my runs feel this good, unfortunately this did not carry into my Saturday run.  My watch also died at 6.3 miles into the run.  I consider this the first day of Spring where I live in southeastern Michigan.   The last few years I have noticed that pretty much on one day everything changes from gray and blah to green and joy.  Most of the tree buds open and turn into small green leaves filling the sky with green where I live.  Fortunately we have lots of trees here.  Maybe that is why this run felt so great.
Thu: Rest, felt a little tired.  Went for a walk after work with DW and on the way back saw a running friend riding bikes with his teenage daughter.  They stopped and talked for a couple minutes.  He had been recovering from a knee injury the last month, gradually increasing his mileage, but while running with another friend pushed it too much, re-injured his knee and is now bicycling.   This may have been a warning for me an my hip.
Fri: 32.5 min of strength training
Sat: 48F and sunny: 6.3 mi run 9:04 min/mi, 123 avg HR.  My intent was to run an easy 13.1 miles, or at least try and see how it goes.  It was a good weather day, running in T-shirt and shorts with my hydration vest.  I felt good during the early miles, but during mile six my hip began speaking to me again, but I was still able to maintain a easy pace until at 6.3 mi I experience a sharp pain in upper hip that said it was time to stop.  Fortunately I had decide to break this run into two 6.5 mile loops and I was near home so I didn't have much of a walk and was able to walk home without a problem.   The hip was pretty sore for most of the day and I iced it some, but I probably did too much outside work (mowing the grass, cutting off vines from my back fence, and taking down an old basketball backboard) with it being such I nice day.  One of the first here where it has been in the 70s.  I will now probably take a break from running, switching maybe to bicycling and doing the yoga for runners hip workout that ocrunnergirl recommend.
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I have been there - that moment when the hip tells you it's time to stop. Good for you for paying attention. Hope a little rest does the trick. 

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