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A Change of Plans




Hey Loopsters!

In my last Bloop, I wrote about my time in Bermuda and how I was looking forward to so many future adventures, such as pacing in Vermont (cancelled) and Alaska (cancelled), running my first marathon in 3 years (Illinois Marathon - postponed to October, but with no date released at this time) and then Grandma's Marathon (cancelled). Enjoying teaching (teaching online for the rest of the school year, which is particularly challenging with band), looking forward to a nice weekend with DH in Kalamazoo (cancelled) at the end of May. 

Many Lemons, right?

Here's the bright side. Lemonade, if you will.

I covered 100.7 miles in April! That's my biggest mileage month in YEARS! My goal for May is to beat April's total. I used my Vermont and Alaska airfare fund to buy 2 new pairs of cushy shoes (NB1080 and Hoka Clifton 6) and while I knew before that I enjoy running alone, I found that I REALLY love running alone. I'm using my more flexible schedule to discover new routes in my neighborhood and to run by the river (the MIssissippi River). I found a new gel that I like (Muir gels) because it's not as sugary sweet as GU I signed up for an online course to become a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) because I want to start a coaching business with my RRCA Running Coach certification that I've been sheepishly hiding since 2014 because I'm a back-of-the-pack-er. I'm attending an online Jeff Galloway running school tomorrow to help the beginning women's running program (cancelled) that I'm in charge of and to help my half marathon pacing skills with the run/walk method. I joined a local trail and ultra running community and their book club, so I'm starting to meet more people, which may have encouraged me to sign up for the Hennepin Hundred 50k in October (waitlisted).

I'm also really enjoying the time I've gotten to spend with my husband during quarantine. I'm a busy person, so it's a strange feeling to wake up without a sense of urgency or to be heading from destination to destination. Yesterday was our 9 year wedding anniversary, and we got take out and played a board game. And I know I'm very privileged to have this time with him, while still getting paid for our jobs and not having to put ourselves in danger on a daily basis, but I want to give myself permission to feel grateful for the time we can enjoy each other during this unprecedented weird time. 

Stay safe out there, and I'm hoping that you are making the most of your lemonade.

If you are working in public, thank you.  

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Great job making lemonade.  It's so easy to veg out and binge on TV, but sounds you like you really have taken advantage of this time and used it to fuel your growth.  Kudos to you, and yes I think we all need to look at all the things we can be grateful for in these times.

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You have everything it takes to be a great coach - authenticity, consistency, exuberance, teaching experience. Your clients will be so lucky to have you! 

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Thank you for crossing out "unprecedented." I know it's technically correct, given the circumstances, but I'm a little tired of the repetition by now. We get it, news media and ad agencies.

Congrats on upping your mileage (since that's what we're all talking about here).

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Sounds like you are making great use of found time. Honestly, I think there need to be more coaches who aren't super speedsters. If somebody is coming in who isn't a natural athlete, having someone who's been running and running fast since Jr. High can be disheartening. I hope there are at least the smaller, local races can safely get going again by fall. 

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