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  2. You're an amazing athlete, but you broke some many photo rules. https://www.velominati.com/
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  4. Run2BFit

    Five Days a Week

    I think it is good to change up your training schedule every once in awhile to keep fresh, and more miles I think is OK as long as your getting enough rest. This is probably more true as we get older.
  5. Dave

    Five Days a Week

    I've always preferred 6 days running per week. It's the best grounding habit I ever developed and keeps me from looking back on any day thinking I've accomplished nothing because there was always a run. Right now I only have hard jigsaw puzzles and the occasional car repair.
  6. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn is the only match we have this month. Found a ho-hum movie of it on Amazon a couple of months ago starring Charlize Theron. She seemed much too old for the part. Fun riding adventures, and congrats on becoming a bicycle mechanic.
  7. SIbbetson

    Five Days a Week

    I am insanely impressed you have 40 years of mileage data! IMO and in my experience (IME?), more days a week of running is better as long as you stay healthy doing it...everyone has to find their own balance there.

    Five Days a Week

    It's June 1st. Time to check in and let any curious folk know what I'm up to. With no races in the foreseeable future, running is different. I'm used to racing about every month or so and it has now been 3 months since the last one. But I keep training as if there will be a marathon in the Fall. Without the small races I don't have cutback weeks or rest weeks so the training has been consistent and the miles are piling up. My totals for April and May were not HUGE (146 and 173), but were enough to be the highest in 40 years for those particular months. Because I've never done marathon training in April or May. Earlier I wrote about my plan to run four days a week every week for the whole year. Illness killed that in March as one week I ran once, and the next week I ran three. But otherwise I am staying on schedule! In fact, I was feeling good enough to change the goal to running five days a week. In the past I've never done more than three consecutive weeks of 5 runs (since college), but I just finished my EIGHTH consecutive week doing 5 runs! It has become my new habit. I'm tired a lot, but the body is adapting and I'm starting to see some improvement - although not a whole lot. I'm still disappointed in slower times, but I'm trying to accept whatever I can do, and hope that this big base will pay off in the Fall. Maybe I will even do 6 runs some weeks. I have not done that once since college. But maybe rest is over-rated. Is a 5 mile easy run better than a rest day? Does the accumulated mileage really matter? I believe the answer is yes, so stay tuned. So far the body is holding up. No injuries. Just the usual soreness. Worst is the bottoms of my feet which don't seem to have the padding that they used to. Even with new shoes. That's all I've got.
  9. May 2020 in review Total running mileage for the month: 47.5 April 27-May 3: 0.75 May 4-10: 3.2 May 11-17: 0.75 May 18-24: 17.7 May 25-31: 25.3 I have been updating this post on progress/lack of progress with my hip. Total biking mileage for the month: 1068.6 - monthly bike mileage PR, despite a low final week April 27-May 3: 258 May 4-10: 320.4 May 11-17: 286.6 May 18-24: 250.5 May 25-31: 90.1 - I learned the meaning of the phrase "saddle sore" this week Homeschool life Workouts: Biking: Lots of Peloton classes on the spin bike! Strength Training/PT Exercises: 1:27, 1:42, 1:51, 1:27, 1:18 Yoga: 1:00, 1:00, 1:00, 1:00, 1:40 - in general 3 x 20 minute classes is my happy place here! Long Runs: My long run is currently 5 miles... Am I doing this bike by something photo thing right? Long Rides: May 2 - 52.1 miles, which I tried to follow up with 40 miles on May 3, but due to a major thunderstorm settled for 37. May 10 - 50.2 miles May 16 - 60.2 miles, including riding through a lot of standing and slightly moving water on the roads! It rained all week, including storms right before and after this ride, and everything was flooded. I only got sprinkled on for a few minutes during the ride, yet finished soaked due to riding through so much water. Also a good way to smell terrible! This was the longest I'd biked in a long time, and the farthest I've ever gone solo at that point - I did the Gorilla Metric Century (100K/62.2 miles) in 2007 and the MS 150 (100 miles Saturday + 50 miles Sunday) in 2002. Those were both group rides and I didn't really train for them, so I think the only way I made that 100 miles was because we stopped every 10 miles at a rest stop and it took FOREVER, and I'm very stubborn about stuff like that. I definitely remember wanting to get in the SAG vehicle very, very badly though! May 17 - 50.3 miles, for a double long ride weekend. I felt really strong on the bike this weekend and had no limits on my time because I was home alone! May 23 - 73.2 miles for the second farthest I've ever biked (the farthest solo). I did 41 miles on my road bike, but my handlebars that had been needing tightening came completely loose around 36 (I didn't have the correct size hex wrench to tighten them). I made it back home being very careful, then hopped on the spin bike planning at least 29 more. I ended up doing 32 more! Conveniently enough, my parents were en route to visit and the previous day I'd asked my dad to bring his hex wrench set, so my bike was back in commission that afternoon. May 24 I ran/walked 4 then rode 40, and I was feeling the 73! See how I made the 1st day of 6th grade sign into the last day of 6th grade? Hah! Also note mowing clothes, unbrushed hair, etc. The pajamas on the couch shot was her idea Running/Fitness Highlights: You can read the recent hip issue updates here. I am back to running a little bit! I tried to do a long ride on Saturday, May 9 but my gear shifters went out and I headed home on what was effectively a single speed bike at that point. The same thing had happened about a month before, and the bike shop told me that next time it happened I'd need new gear shifters, which run about $350 for my road bike. Since I'm *hoping* to return to real running soon, I was also hoping the shifters would make it until then, because if past behavior is any predictor, I won't touch my road bike once I'm full-fledged running training. I took my bike into the shop that day, but they couldn't fix it for a week and a half, and I really didn't want to leave it there and give up riding outside for that long. The guy at the shop told me I might try using Tri-Flow on it, so after a trip to Ace Hardware and 15 minutes spent watching YouTube videos, I temporarily fixed my own gear shifters! I'm not mechanical at all, so I was really proud of myself - even more than when I put my bike's chain back on myself during a ride last month (this reoccured on May 17). Then I got to ride long on Sunday, May 10! And, yes, I do know that if I'd have bought the new gear shifters I'd have immediately been able to run full time that same day, hah. Life Highlights: The world, including my job, began re-opening. In May I worked partially on-site and partially from home. On Mother's Day I drove Albani to my in-laws' to spend 2 weeks at Camp Grandparent before her YMCA summer camp began on May 26. Albani finished 6th grade remotely on May 22. We had an awesome broccoli and cauliflower crop. Our spinach didn't do so well this year. My parents came to visit over Memorial Day weekend. We mainly stayed at home, but we did a drive-through animal safari that ended up being really fun. Luckily Albani left with all of her fingers intact! Many, many hours of stitching went into this! Many, many hours were spent with these two My mom sent me awesome fruit for Mother's Day When a cat actually uses something that was purchased for them We harvested this much broccoli every 2-3 days for a few weeks! Bandit chilling by some berry blooms Bandit helping with smashing the garden One cauliflower harvest, with roller for size perspective! When a cat actually uses something that was purchased for them, part 2 (or, Deep Thoughts with Nugget) Cauliflower harvest! Monopoly with Grandma The walk through part of the animal safari They aren't kidding when they say the animals stick their heads in your car windows! Nugget loves his grandparents Books this month: Before I Let You Go by Kelly Rimmer Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris 84K by Claire North After Us by Amber Hart Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen Dark Places by Gillian Flynn The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand Hatchet by Gary Paulsen The Familiar Dark by Amy Engel The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer The Cactus by Sarah Haywood Note: It turns out that beating my 100 books for the year goal is not going to be very challenging! Theme for the month: Umm.........
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  11. I admire your dedication to all the XT (I'm the worst) and study of the mechanics. That should keep you running long term. Best of luck.
  12. Week of May 3 Total Miles: 3.4 This week I have decided to rest my hip and concentrate more on strength, stretching, and cross training. Mon: 13 minutes of yoga; hip flexor stretches. Although the stretches are challenging I am able to complete them with out any hip pain. Tue: 32.5 min of strength training Wed: 90 min of walking, some up and down stairs. My DW tripped and fell outside resulting in gash to her head. I will spare you the gory details but it required us to make a trip to the hospital emergency while she held a dish towel to her head to contain the bleeding. Once we reach hospital emergency room we find out (unsurprisingly) that now only patients are allowed in and the my DW will call me when she needs me. One thing with COVID-19 id sadly most people including the people that really need to go to emergency are avoid going to the hospital in fear of contracting the virus, so now and the emergency room is pretty much empty when we get there. So now while waiting and since it is a nice sunny day in the mid 60s I decide to walk around the Hospital including using a walking overpass that goes over the road in front of the Hospital. 90 minutes later I receive a call from DW, picked her up with some stitches and a sore head, but she is generally in good spirits. Since then she has been recuperating nicely, although a little black and blue. Thu: 13 minutes of yoga; hip flexor stretches. I can't seem to get myself to bike after I finishing working from home for the day, but do manage to do the hip flexor yoga stretches. At least I have checked out my bike and added air to the tires. Fri: 32.5 min of strength training. Sat: Upper 30s and partly sunny, 3.4 mi run/walk 35:22 10:28 min/mi, 109 avg HR. I was debating whether to bike or run, but with it being in the 30s I decide to do run/walk, running for 5 min followed by 1 min of walking. The first 5 minutes of running I am fine, but beginning with the next 5 minute running interval my hip starts feeling sore and I increase the time of my walking intervals to about 75 seconds. I finish my local running loop with my hip sore but I was still able to run without any sharp pain. Unfortunately my hip remained sore for the rest of the day. I probably should have applied ice to it. Thursday I received a book: Science of Running: Analyze Your Technique, Prevent Injury, Revolutionize Your Training by Chris Napier which was one of a new books for 2020 reviewed in an article at the Runners World web sit at: https://www.runnersworld.com/gear/a30282932/new-running-books-2020/ This book has many detailed anatomic illustrations, identifies atomically various running injuries, and exercises and stretches to prevent and correct those injuries. I also received my 2020 No. 3 Runners World magazine (now only published 6 times a year) which has an article devoted specifically to hip injuries. Between those two sources I was able to identify my hip injury as Gluteal Tendinopathy (pain felt in the side of the hip where the gluteal tendon attaches to the top of the femur). So I plenty of help for overcoming my injury status. Week of May 10th. Total Miles: 21 (bicyling) Celebrated Mother's Day and my son's birthday Sunday. For dinner I decided to order takeout dinner from Kruse & Muers one of my DW's favorite seafood restaurants near us that was still doing take out orders, but after 70 some calls and always getting a busy signal (go figure, it's mothers day) I decided to drive the mile to the restaurant and see if I could place an order at the restaurant. Sure enough I was able to park in the restaurant parking lot filled with others waiting for their orders, and from the inside of my car with my mask on flag down one of the restaurant employees to take my order. We had a nice mday and bday dinner and then afterwards picked up ice cream treats from Dairy Queen for desert. No running for the week, more yoga and strength training, and a Saturday 21 mile bike ride. It felt good during the ride to get some aerobic exercise and the weather was great being in the 60s. Saw many runners, walkers, and bikers, but it was mostly easy to navigate around people to maintain social distancing. My hip has started to fell better as part of my morning wake up ritual is to do some stretching exercises along with a exercise where I balance on one leg and and to do a small squat were I touch the heel of lifted leg in front me to the left, center, and right for a total of 24 times on each leg. I learned this exercise when I was going to physical therapy for PF, and it seemed to be a good one to help my balance, foot and ankle strength and flexibility. When my hip became sore I noticed performing this while standing on my leg with the sore hip that I would feel hip pain which got somewhat better as I completed the 24 reps. Now the pain is mostly gone, so hopefully I can resume running soon. Cheers.
  13. Keep your streak going. Getting any regular exercise during these times is sure to pay dividends, mentally and physically.
  14. This is certainly the roughest patch we've seen in our lifetimes. Praying we can all get through it. Those daily runs sure help.
  15. good luck in your last semester. i'd be curious to know more about how aging affects the nutritional needs of those who are very active.
  16. That's a great running photo! I'm not sure what to suggest re: capstone project. Maybe some sort of look into best type of diet to reduce inflammation from long runs? Good luck!
  17. Just read through this post as well as the posts about your hip on your personal blog. One of my classes last semester was nutrition in pain and inflammation, so naturally I wondered what you are eating, but I get the general impression you already eat a very healthy diet, so that is unlikely to be contributing much to your hip issue. (But because I just studied this that is where my mind went.) Hope things get better again after yesterday's set back.
  18. Sounds like you are making great use of found time. Honestly, I think there need to be more coaches who aren't super speedsters. If somebody is coming in who isn't a natural athlete, having someone who's been running and running fast since Jr. High can be disheartening. I hope there are at least the smaller, local races can safely get going again by fall.
  19. I'm about to start my final semester of my master's degree in nutrition. My classes this semester are Nutrition and Physical Performance and my Capstone class (which is a review of what I've studied and a final major project, but somewhat short of an actual thesis). In my Research Methods class I submitted a proposal about looking into the attitude of runners vs. non runners on nutrition. It sounds like we may not actually be allowed to use a topic we previously worked on. Here is where you all can help me - what about nutrition and running do you want to know more about or feel like isn't well addressed in available information? Most of this project will be a literature search and review (looking at previously published research) but I would still like to include some new information via a small survey if that is allowed to be a part of this project. I'm excited about this semester but also nervous, I had intended on beginning to at least look around at what sort of jobs I might be able to get, but with the current pandemic situation the job market isn't exactly anywhere close to normal, or probably anything like it will be in four months. So that will have to wait. I'm also not feeling ready to go back to the grind of work and classes. My brain is still fried from the previous year and a half plus with only 3ish week breaks between classes and now the pandemic concerns on top of all of that. I've tried to take a nice break but I haven't been super successful. About the only thing that has held steady is running. It really has been helpful for me to maintain the schedule of running first thing in the morning before I start my workday. I have also started a running streak. I am 14 days in, and so far so good. Though to be fair, my easiest days are run/walks, not steady runs, but it's my streak and I'm counting it. My only goal for sure with this streak is to continue until at least the day I go back to working AT work, which could be as soon as a week from tomorrow based on St. Louis County and St. Louis City's current plans for beginning reopening. However as long as I feel good doing this I may keep going indefinitely. Especially since there don't look to be any big races to train or taper for anytime soon. I am doing a series of virtual runs outside of the Loopville Covid-19 series. The is a local series (Resilience Run and Ride) being put on to support local businesses and charities that are losing so much money due to the current situation, and it includes a 5k, 10k and 15k. The series of bike rides is 10m, 25m, and 50m. They can be done anytime between now and the beginning of June. I've already done the 10k and 15k, but I haven't mustered the will to do a "fast" 5k. I did get the medals and the shirt today, dropped off by someone from Big River Running the LRS (a non contact drop off at my front door) I missed seeing them, and I'm sad because I would have liked to wave. I haven't seen too many people in person since the stay at home order began (as it should be, but hard).
  20. Keeping my fingers crossed for your hip to be 100% soon! I've just started getting on my bike again this spring. Love it but am easing back into it because it aggravates my hamstring when I go crazy. Alice Network -- A++
  21. Your cycling is impressive. My road bike has mostly sat in the garage for the past 4 years because 1) I'm not entirely comfortable on it and 2) cycling in Kansas City is very scary to me. I do love my spin bike, though and also enjoy the Peloton classes!
  22. eliz83

    Don't Drink and Blog

    I needed a great read like this today. Thank you.
  23. Dave

    Spring is Here !!!!

    Stoopid hip. And what's the deal with getting old, anyway?
  24. I like that shirt. A lot. Way to attack those hills.
  25. Dave

    A Change of Plans

    Thank you for crossing out "unprecedented." I know it's technically correct, given the circumstances, but I'm a little tired of the repetition by now. We get it, news media and ad agencies. Congrats on upping your mileage (since that's what we're all talking about here).
  26. BTW, of all the things in CO, I miss Long's Peak the most.
  27. Good for you. The hardest thing is to start training and do that first race after a long layoff.
  28. I always seem to end up cross-training a lot, but in the past I always felt like I "had to" for the sake of my running. This time I am truly enjoying it and doing it because I want to! It's much better this way.
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