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  2. Keeley

    There's always more to come.

    I hope it's something easily identifiable and fixable. Good luck. ❤️
  3. Already, March has been MUCH kinder.
  4. Good cold weather gear makes such a huge difference!
  5. We didn't agree on that book - I didn't like it. I just couldn't get into it. I guess I need to step up my game in March!
  6. Yesterday
  7. Congrats on achieving the 20k record! That's an impressive honor. Like you, I will not miss February.
  8. I'm interested to hear what the doc says. I had a very mild case 3 months ago but still feel heavy legs and every run is 30 seconds slower that before Covid. My training partner is having a similar experience.
  9. Run2BFit

    There's always more to come.

    It must be frustrating not knowing what is going on, and not feeling right. I think seeing seeing your doctor is a good idea. It sounds like age can be contributing factor to the length of time for COVID recovery. Will be praying for you. Heres an AARP article on regaining strength after COVID: https://www.aarp.org/health/conditions-treatments/info-2020/recovery-after-covid.html.
  10. BANGLE

    There's always more to come.

    I always wonder how much to blame on just aging. But with your Covid history, that certainly adds something to think about. These long hauler cases are sad and very strange. Keep at it.
  11. Going to wait until I see the doc in two weeks to start panicking. Need to review all my running since August, since that's the last time I remember having a good run. I'm probably wrong about that. Crappy runs are not news. A stretch of crappy runs isn't news, either. Six months of crappy runs may or may not signal something serious or chronic. I'd really like to find out for sure, though. Reviewing the numbers this afternoon, but heart rate seems to be stable within moderate exercise range. Cadence seems the same. Paces aren't much slower for what should be easy runs. Onl
  12. Last week
  13. Great job training and setting a state 20K record to boot with all the February freezing temperatures. I have noticed that if I dress right for the cold temperatures I can run comfortably and not sweat much.
  14. Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann - wasn't this fantastic? My biggest accomplishment for February is running more in the month that you ran in each week.😝
  15. February 2021 in review! Total mileage for the month: 358.5 Feb. 1-7: 87.2 Feb. 8-14: 84.4 Feb. 15-21: 86.5 - I did a Saturday through Friday cut back week Feb. 13-19, so it affected my mileage during two Monday through Sunday weeks, but worked perfectly with the weather (which was why I did it like that). Feb. 22-28: 100.4 Happy Valentines + #frosting february Races: Feb. 6 - Cabin Fever Reliever 20k in 1:19:41 (6:24 pace/grad
  16. Earlier
  17. Good news on the anti-bodies sticking around! Hopefully, they stay up as your running returns to 100% My husband and I are planning on staying in our current home forever because moving was so difficult. As said above, moving is much harder than any long run - very nice of you to help someone else do it!
  18. Moving is much harder than a long run.
  19. I think you should’ve jumped on the TM anyway and given it a mile or two and then called it if you still weren’t feeling it. Also changing up speed and elevation goes a long way to fighting boredom. Kudos for helping someone move!
  20. ...you'll be very disappointed today. I skipped my long run last weekend because I fell asleep in the afternoon and felt all groggy when I woke up until it was later than I wanted to go. And by "go" I mean get on the treadmill and run for an hour and a half. Mrs. Dave and I spent the early part of the day looking at Home Depot and Menard's for vinyl plank to re-do the entry, main hall and kitchen floors. Not really in love with any of what we found. Next stage is to visit some flooring stores in town. We're the worst at deciding things like colors and styles and whatever, but we don'
  21. Cliff

    Treadmill Dilemma

    I'm old, I don't bounce. I have a NordicTrack, I really like it. When the weather gets nice again, I'll go back outside. For now, I alternate between the rollers for the bike, and the treadmill for the feat.
  22. That is a perfectly on-point article. Thank you for sharing! It is quite interesting that there is a running benefit provided by walking hills sometimes because some muscles have to put forth more strength while walking up a hill versus running (they note the calf muscle specifically). I have some workouts in my plan that require running hills, so I think I might run the hills on those days and walk at least some of the hill for keeping heartrate lower during runs where they come in the "warmup" portion. Might count as sort of strength training for some muscles especially with having to pu
  23. Here is an article at Runners World about running vs. walking hills: https://www.runnersworld.com/news/a35192011/best-strategy-for-running-hills-study/
  24. That's what I was thinking. This time I started walking from the beginning, but next time, I think I will let my heartrate be the guide, trying to run as much as possible without going too hard and, to address Sara's point, it will get easier with practice.
  25. That's a good way to look at it - both as practice to make it easier in the future and as a stride that gets the heart rate elevated a bit. I'll probably run it next time, or at least run to the point of it feeling extremely hard (if that happens). Thank you for the thoughts! It's always helpful to hear other opinions.
  26. I would let your heart rate be your guide as this is suppose to be a warmup to warmup your muscles and raise your heart rate. If your able run the hill without your heart rate going above your lactate threshold then run it, otherwise I would run/walk it to keep your heart rate from going too high and straining your muscles before your workout.
  27. I agree with Dave and Sara. Run the hill as a part of your warm up slowing down and/or walking as needed to keep the effort in the right range.
  28. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer here - it's what is best for you. Personally I'd run it as part of the warm up, keeping the effort easy which may mean super slow on the hill - and no problem with walking it if that is what it takes to keep it easy. Everything in my area is hilly so there are always some in warm ups and cool downs, and they get easier with practice. Another way to look at it - if the hill gets your heart rate up a bit temporarily it may mimic doing strides as part of a warm up, which primes your body to run fast.
  29. I'd just run it as part of the warm up, but I'm stubborn that way about running the routes I decide to run. Someone more scientific might know if there are physiological benefits to one or the other.
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