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  2. Congratulations!! My money is that you’ll still be out there kicking ass in 24 years.
  3. My hot yoga teacher asked me this question while I was checking into class the other morning. I always show up to class preheated from my run with all my stuff in my pack so it's pretty obvious. I guess she was just trying to make conversation but the way she phrased her question completely distracted me from how to answer it. Do I have a running practice? I guess that’s what you could call it if you look at it from a yogic point of view. I try to run most days and mostly use it to tune out or in, depending. I rarely listen to music, I don’t really do any workouts or training, I just go get miles in to keep myself from going off the deep end. I added hot yoga to my routine maybe a month or so ago and really like it. It even stared encroaching on my running… practice… for a while because my original plan of running there and back it being three miles didn’t work out. I ran there but consistently late enough that I had to take to short route and then left there consistently deceased enough that I either had to walk home or jog back on the short route again. I’ve started to get used the heat but still struggle in class. I figured out one day that’s mainly because I run there. I drove to class once last week and it didn’t almost kill me. It was terrible and I’m never doing that again. I feel like it’s a waste to torture myself in that heat without the added benefit of solid hour of cardio. Do I have a running practice? I guess that’s one way to look at it. I just moved my yoga and Hungarian lessons again so that I can still get in three miles four days a week and still keep up with yoga. So running is my practice and yoga is something I do to support it? And I do think it supports it. I realized that after these past few weeks, I am fitter now than when I started. I even was able to take a three mile lap of the cemetery after class. (Mental note: there's a title in there somewhere. From corpse pose to corpses? Idk I'll play with it.) Even though it was the sadistic old lady teacher who keeps you in poses indefinitely if she decides to start chatting about anatomy or something and then giggles if people start to fall out of the pose. I was pretty damn proud of myself. I skipped my run this morning because my knee was aching because of one of those poses, though. I looked all over the web and think it’s quadricep tendinitis. It says to rest, ice, and get PT to treat it but I don’t want to do anything drastic. I’m going to throw some tape on it and run until it goes away. So, I realize that I’ve been standing in front of my teacher for several long seconds not answering the question. All of the work I did on myself for years to get comfortable talking to strangers evaporated in the first six monthly of Covid lockdowns and now I am still here still not answering her very basic question. Her weirdly worded, hyper sub-cultural, brain-breaking question. I realized that I don’t know if I should explain why I haven’t answered but that’s only making me not answer for even longer. And now, I think I'm making a confused face, as well. I will myself to speak and eventually hear myself confidently say, “Maybe!” (I’ve been reliving this moment daily in my running practice)
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  7. Nice way to open up the season! Did you swim in a pool or lake? Water must've been cold.
  8. The first of three races planned for this year. The AQI (air quality) index in Denver yesterday was 451, roughly the same as Beijing on a bad day, due to smoke and ash from the Alberta fires. My wife forbade me from running if the AQI was over 150, so I was happy for the rain overnight which got us down to a salubrious 38. Today it's back up in the 300s and I'm contemplating wearing a n95 mask on my bike ride.. The race is in reverse order of usual, run first and swim last. After the regrettable wardrobe incident from last year, when it became clear that my racing vest from 2006 no longer covers my old man's little pot belly (ew), I decided on a more robust kit. This onesie has better support and no gaps. Run was as expected, off well on the long downhill then a long slog with walking interspersed climbing back up. 7 seconds slower than last year, 28:08. As Joan Baez used to sing, time to celebrate another year of things not getting worse. Well not much worse. With a fast start and slow run I got to see all my competition come by, 5th in AG after the run, oh dear oh well. My triathlon bike is set up with a steep aggressive riding position. The latest new thing from being old is strange myalgias all over the body, which feel almost like cramps but don't behave like cramps - persist much longer than a cramp, there's no tension in the muscle, and no way to relieve the pain by massage or stretching. I tried the bike on a little neighborhood ride. As soon as I went into the aggressive aerobar position, my neck went into spasms and I had to pull over until it relented. So today I rode the road bike with a more relaxed position. No pic of our hero, here's a good pic of other bikers which shows the hill and the desert plains around Pueblo. Number 392 in that picture was about 30 sec ahead of me after the run. We rode the same bike time, 39 and a few seconds. The pool swim is only 300 yards but it was enough to catch him at the wall of the final length. I wasn't entirely clear if he was in my AG or not but threw in a feeble sort of sprint just in case, splatting through the muddy grass. The chip time showed 1:17:56.08 to 1:17:56.21, just enough to get into top 50 overall. The AG winner got 2 minutes on me in the run, we rode the same 39min on the bike, I got back a minute on the swim but it wasn't a long enough swim to catch him drat. Just wait 'till next year. There was an 87-year old finisher, 1:30, who beat all of the 70-plus age group finishers. One of them was racked next to me in the bike lineup, talking to him the 73-year old was annoyed to be beaten by the old guy.. In 24 years should I live so long, I'll be 87. I'm happy to be able to still do tris now, cannot imagine lasting another 24 years. What a hero that guy is.
  9. I've done marathon efforts on trail runs, but the actual distance scares me these days..
  10. Great race by your son! The weather conditions were interesting - not too terrible. You need to do another marathon. That certainly was a while ago!
  11. Well done ! a terrific race, in not very fast conditions.. 15 minutes under BQ time is astonishing, bravo ! last marathon ever ? signs point to NO I think, not in fact your last marathon ;-) my son was in that fundraising corral with you, he ran his first marathon ever in 3:31 with perfect splits except for that annoying minute at the finish. 1:44:45 at the half which was also a PR. Previous best and only half was 1:54 at Philly. On his Instagram post one of his friends commented, looks like you could bench press any of the runners around you.. my last marathon was Disney in 1992, it's been a while..
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  16. Yes. Great job OC! You get more bad-ass every year. Happy to see you crushed the Boston Marathon!
  17. Congrats, way to hang in there when the going was getting tough.
  18. I think you know the answer to your question! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did awesome!!!
  19. The Loop would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. ChocTop --
  20. OMG! I was SO giving up the marathon and then I had so much fun at this one….after mile 8! Lol
  21. Yeah you'll be back next year. 3:43 sounds about right. Congrats!
  22. To be fair I don't understand most adults these days either. Maybe I should get one of those monkeys.
  23. You'd think professional musicians would learn to quiet their nerves, but no...
  24. Thanks! I wish I could quiet my nerves.
  25. Other titles for this blog: The 3rd Time is the Charm An experiment of one. What works for one may not work for others. BUILD UP TO BOSTON: The build up to Boston was ANYTHING but smooth. Right after I ran Rehoboth in December I was raring to go! As per usual I went to the gym a few days after PRing the 13.1. The workout had pull ups and a barbell -- no jump rope or box jumps so I thought it was okay for me to do. Not so much. After doing however many pull ups I dropped down from the rig and the impact pulled my extra tight calf muscle. I limped away and knew it was bad. Any movement downstairs or coming down on my toes was terrible. I talked to my PT and read up on calf injuries. Calf injuries take a while to heal and can become re-injured very easily. Ugh. I ended up not running any more miles in December. I also did zero jumping at the gym - no jump rope, no box jumps. If there was rig work I used a box to get up and get down. Finally in January I started to build up slowly. I did a lot of run/walks. I ended up having one setback when I popped it again jumping up to the rig. The rig was evil. I never realized how much force you use when jumping vertically. My other issue in building up my mileage besides my injury was that I'm a puppy mom. Murph was only about 4 months in January so I needed lots of time for puppy walks and puppy training. With work and CrossFit I was so overwhelmed with how to do everything. I finally settled into a schedule of run 3 days (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday), CrossFit 4 days (Monday - Thursday) and trainer bike rides at my house on Wednesdays and Sundays (later I added in Monday as well). I showed up at Boston with the smallest amount of miles that I have ever run in a marathon build up. I was feeling terrified, but also knew that I was super fit .... but maybe just not "marathon fit." THE RACE: I arrived with my friend in Boston late on Sunday afternoon. The expo was practically empty. Somehow we either missed half of the exhibits or they were taken down by the time we got there. I had planned on buying some Maurten gels when I was there, but they were sold out! How?? My friend spotted a running store across the street so we ran in there and I bought 5 packets of Gu. Phew! We took the Sam Adams brewery tour and then had dinner at a sketchy little bar. Afterwards we finally dropped our stuff at the AirBnb I had rented - 2 bedroom in Somerville. We ended up walking down to the main street to grab a beer and talk logistics. Bed time -- 10:30. I did NOT sleep well. Tossed and turned for several hours, but knew that really didn't matter. Getting to the Boston Commons for the long bus ride worked out flawlessly. At Athlete's Village the Boston Marathon crew was ready for the rain and had up lots of tents. I settled in on a small patch of grass and remained calm. I waited until about 10:20 to hit the port-a-potties. By then the rain was coming down hard. Ugh! I took my time stripping off my throw away clothes and waited until the last minute to do the walk to the corrals. My wave was to go off at 10:50. I finally stripped off my rain poncho to take a picture of my gym's tank that I was wearing ...and then I realized my horrible mistake. I was in the last wave....the fundraising wave....and not only that! I was in the last corral of that wave! Oh HELL NO! I frantically started trying to move up and was told by volunteers that since I had missed my wave that I'd only be able to move up to corral 2. Ah well....doesn't make sense by I'm the loser that didn't go out in the rain early enough. I've said it often -- I need supervision, but also rebel against supervision. ;-/ I took my 1st Gu. When the gun went off I stayed to my left hand lane like I ALWAYS do. I mean I run so far to the left that if someone is sticking their arm out I will run into it. I was trying not to go out too hot, but I was in a weird state of "I need to catch up! and not get caught with these slower fundraising people!" but then I realized just because you entered Boston through fundraising doesn't mean that you are slower. Some of these people are faster than me, but just because they aren't as aged as me they don't meet their age group time qualifiers yet. Mile 1 -2 : 8:14, 8:05 And then of course the inevitable happened. I needed a port-a-potty. Mile 3 10:17 I stripped off my windbreaker and gloves at this point. I put all of my Gu in one glove and carried on. Mile 4: 7:57 Oopsie! A little too fast. I tried to slow down. Mile 5 8:19 And then I needed another POP stop. Are you f'n kidding me?? Mile 6: 9:25 When I saw my friend at mile 7 I was seriously considering quitting. I really did not want to be worried that my GI tract was just going to ruin my race. I took my 2nd Gu. Mile 7: 8:03 But then I thought about a woman who I had just agreed to do a relay 70.3 with. She was a member of my local tri group. I had never met her. She passed away suddenly after a training swim about 7 days before Boston. Her family is devastated. I thought to myself Rose would love to run this race. Don't you f'n quit. Do it for Rose and anyone else that would love to be here but for whatever reason can't be. It flipped a switch. I also realized at this point that I did NOT ever train by running straight through. I pretty much Gallowayed every training run. I realized that if I was going to survive 19 more miles that I better start adding in walk breaks. Run .5-1.0 mile walk 30 seconds. Mile 8 - 10: 8:43, 8:21, 8:34 Running seemed hard. The air was thick because the rain had stopped and I was getting warm. Somewhere around here it started raining again. It felt good, but it was also a cold rain. I was wondering if I couldn't run anymore if I would freeze? So many thoughts. Just run a good half marathon and see what happens. Left, right, left, right. Mile 11-13: 8:28, 8:13, 8:40 I came through the half in about 1:53. Sweet! Oh no! I could requalify? What then? On course they were giving out Maurten gels. I grabbed one with caffeine. They have a super weird texture. It is like eating flavorless jello. This is only the 2nd time I've ever had one, but I think they must be magical. The 1st time I took one was at mile 15 of a training run. The last 5 miles of that 20 mile run felt effortless. Well, let me tell you something flipped a switch at Boston at that time and I felt invincible. Mile 14: 8:28 At mile 15 I saw my mom's college roommate. Stopped for a quick hug and picture. 8:50 The next mile I was literally in a zone and flying! It has to be all down hill. I could not reel my pace in. My friend called my name at the last minute and I had a big grin on my face. I had no idea how long it was going to last, but man, I was happy! Mile 16: 7:59 Next up were the hills! These are usually my downfall. I told myself just to let it unfold and see how it goes. I'm not sure what the difference was, but I did NOT have to walk once. My breathing was good. I just took smaller steps and powered up over them! Mile 17-21: 8:44, 8:58, 8:27, 8:44, 9:18 Wahoo! Home stretch! It's smooth sailing from here, but NO! My GI decided to throw one last monkey into my path. I found some volunteers and asked where the next POPs were. They said in .3 miles. Phew! Made it! Mile 22 & 23: 8:54, 9:51 I probably should have taken another gel around mile 21 or 22 but I couldn't stomach the thought of it - especially now with my GI system threatening again. All I had to do was cruise the final miles through Boston. I saw the Citgo sign. I saw Jen.M.Yee! It seemed to take forever to make the right and left into the finish line, but then we were there! I tried to pick it up into the finish. Mile 24-26.2(5): 8:40, 8:31, 8:46 and .5 @8:14. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I could run this time with my training! I am super stoked! Official 3:49:38 (BQ-15:22) I met up with my friend. On the way back to the car another runner told me that I shouldn't be moving so well. She just didn't understand that I was floating on Cloud 9! She said it was the hardest race that she's ever run. It was the BEST marathon that I have ever run! We went to the Mile 27 party at Fenway that night. I was so content to just sit at Fenway and people watch and smile. The next day the morning weather was gorgeous at Boston Harbor. After thoughts: Before this race block started I wanted to train for a 3:45 marathon and then with all of the setbacks I tossed all goals out of the window. I ran this as my last marathon ever....but if you look at my moving time it says I ran a 3:44.... Do I give it another go to try to get that sub 3:45? Moving time: Splits:
  26. Ugh! One of my kids did something so dumb in college. Hopefully it was a learning lesson to your nephew. You know he's not a bad kid. We all learn from our experiences. Hot yoga sounds awful -- lol.
  27. Thanks, Gary. Idk, man, I never thought I'd stop being the Kids These Days, to be honest. When did that happen? Who thought that would be a good idea? My local studio is only heated to about 105* so it might still be crisp by AZ standards.
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