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  1. Yesterday
  2. The Tune-Up

    Sooo looking forward to tapering. Two more weeks...
  3. Minneapolis miles..

    Love that streetscape! Now I'm going to go listen to some Tom Waits.
  4. Snowbuster RR

    Nice pics! Happy birthday!
  5. Age Grading, and Marathon Goals

    Will be tracking that BQ and AGPR this AM. GL! (Good luck, and, I guess, go long!)
  6. Snowbuster by the Bay

    Great RR! But to assure the win you should have put that picture on your back. I'm a Hansons guy but have been wondering about Pfitz. Interested in your thoughts.
  7. 5K Snowbuster

    Saw a great meme about how this winter is like an angry, annoying guy who keeps leaving the room and then barging back in shouting, "And another thing...!"
  8. It' the 2018 Snowbuster Results!!

    Damn. If I had read the fine print before the race I would have submitted a 400 repeat. Only way to catch Sara. That is an awesome shrine.
  9. The Tune-Up

    Thanks for sharing your race and coach's thoughts. Great strategy on that hill and the aftermath. Nice race.
  10. The Tune-Up

    Don't forget the marathon taper does wonders! You'll be ready.
  11. It' the 2018 Snowbuster Results!!

    Thanks for doing this, Dave! It's probably a lot of work to convert all of the random distances.
  12. Last week
  13. The Tune-Up

    Running up against your limits is a good way to push them out further. Nice racing.
  14. 5K Snowbuster

    Well done on getting out despite the cold and your tiredness! You’re a great friend to be supporting him this way. I had another warm & dusty run today so yeah I’m looking fwd to cooler days & hopefully some rain soon. That said we don’t get anywhere near as cold nor the snow that you do in winter. I can’t imagine how tough that would be to get through months of those conditions. I’ll try and remember that this winter when I’m feeling grumpy about night running in 0c (32f).😊
  15. It' the 2018 Snowbuster Results!!

    Thanks for organizing Dave! Wow I made the podium! I think that’s a first. Congrats to Sara - that was a smokin run. In hindsight I think I may have seen her, on my outward leg there was a puff of dust going the other way when I blinked.😉 I think you need to add a 53rd state onto your targets Dave...just a little south west! Don’t worry I can sort digs for at least Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra haha...
  16. The Tune-Up

    I checked my watch. Seven minutes to the gun. Perfect. I took off down the Mall toward the Washington Monument for one last strider. Turn, turn, turn, I repeated, reaching top speed, holding it for a moment, then easing off the accelerator and slowing to a walk. A stiff, cold breeze rippled my singlet. This could be a factor, I thought, then pushed it from my head and wove my way through the crowd to my corral. Nervous fingers. Jittery legs. The announcements were static in my head as I ran through my race plan one last time. My coach and I never put a time goal for this tune-up half marathon. Rather, we set a pace range for various sections of the course, which allowed me to just lace up my racing flats and go execute without the pressure of hitting a specific time. We bolted from the starting arch with Constitution Avenue abandoned and stretched out before us. Get out. Get settled, I thought. Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm. That wind met me head-on and I did my best to relax into it without forcing the pace and burning through energy early. The course scraped the Lincoln Memorial then turned us down and alongside a choppy Potomac River and under the Kennedy Center. I nailed my first three splits, wanting to be between 5:45 and 5:50, and hitting 5:49, 5:48, 5:47. Mile four’s combination of uphill and headwind backed me off that pace but I recovered for mile five as we headed up Rock Creek Parkway. The pace was on point but the effort felt just south of comfortable. I willed myself to relax, understanding the irony. The course began to bend to the left and rise. “What exactly is going on there?” my coach asked me while we looked at the elevation profile earlier in the week. Having run previous incarnations of this race in the past, I thought I knew the hill to which he referred, but, faced with what lay before me, I knew this was not the same hill. “Your goal is to just get up it, don’t lose ground to anyone, and then take 60-90 seconds of easy running at the top to settle back into your pace from miles 1-5,” he said. Then ominously, “You might run 7:30 up that hill.” Volunteers lined the hill holding American flags. They called encouragement, but my mind blotted out their voices. Up on my toes, I picked my way up the incline and pulled even with another runner. My breath came in rasps now and I could feel the strain in my quads. We rounded the corner together, and I remembered my coach’s words. The other runner tried to take off, where I concentrated on letting the fatigue drain from my legs. My watch beeped 6:30 at the top, prompting one of my friends on Strava to ask later if I had paused for a bathroom break there. Take your minute, I thought. The course shifted downhill and I ironed out my stride. Relative normalcy returned. “Be ready to race at seven,” my coach said. Let’s go. I thought. I caught the runner who had taken off at the top of the hill and went by them easily now. They wouldn’t be the last. I aimed for 5:40-5:35 pace over the last 10K of the race. While I had recovered from the hill, the damage had been done. Fatigue had seeped into my quads and the wind over the first five miles had leeched strength from me. Be calm. Be present, I intoned. The Howard University drums boomed and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, rounding mile eight. I rode the downhills and survived the up, dropping a 5:38 and 5:33, collecting racers as I went. With under 5K to go, I picked up Brian Glanville’s quote from coach Sam Dee in The Olympian, “Be strong in mind as fit in body.” Except in my head it went more like, stronginminstronginmindstronginmind. After a 5:44 at 11, I resigned to just race and forgo looking at my watch, just taking what came over the last two miles. I kept two other runners in sight, though was not able to gain on them, nor were they able to pull away. We ground up one final hill to get to mile 12 and that’s where I really came apart. A stitch gripped my side and somehow manifested itself in my shoulder as well. My right hip flexor tightened. My quads grew heavy. One. More. Mile. I let gravity do the work for me, just trying to turn my legs over in that final mile. RFK stadium rounded into view and I threw whatever I had left in that final .2 miles, furiously pumping my arms and closing with a 5:39. I clicked my watch and saw 1:17:05. Hmm, I thought, unsure how to feel about it. Though we had never put words on a time, I had expected to be faster, and yet, with the exception of a couple of miles, I had been in range. So, what to make of it? There would be time to ponder, but not for long. I took my medal and my water bottle, reset my watch, and began a deliciously slow two-mile cool down. Another race finished. Another checkpoint reached. But nowhere close to done.
  17. It' the 2018 Snowbuster Results!!

    Thanks for putting this together! (I was really hoping for some birthday bonus points but oh well)
  18. It' the 2018 Snowbuster Results!!

    I'd focus on knocking off Alaska while you're still young.
  19. It' the 2018 Snowbuster Results!!

    Congratulations, everyone! And thanks, Dave, for putting it together!
  20. It' the 2018 Snowbuster Results!!

    The gold/gray overlay scrapes off with a guitar pick looking plastic piece, and the color is underneath. I printed the race logos onto peel-and-stick address labels, then cut them to size.
  21. It' the 2018 Snowbuster Results!!

    I blame lack of participation. Last year we had 48 entrants.
  22. It' the 2018 Snowbuster Results!!

    So do you pull off a sticker or something to show the state in a fancy color? Pretty cool!
  23. It' the 2018 Snowbuster Results!!

    Good luck w the MRI Dave and congrats to all the runners! Where are all these RR???
  24. 5K Snowbuster

    I hate heat more than I hate cold, so even though I am totally over it I'm trying my best to absorb all the crisp, clean, runnable air. With a little grumbling about ALL the layers of clothing.
  25. It' the 2018 Snowbuster Results!!

    Thanks RD Dave. Sadly, the snow in the Northeast doesn't seem to be busted.
  26. It' the 2018 Snowbuster Results!!

    Thanks for being the RD and pulling all that stats together! Congrats to the winners and I'm thrilled to hit middle of the pack after a pitiful winter of running any volume of miles and no speed work at all. I hope the MRI shows some definitive results for your knee.
  27. It' the 2018 Snowbuster Results!!

    Thank you for RDing!!! It was a fun race! I hope you get some good easy-fix answers about the knee!! Fingers crossed!! I can't help but notice that you don't have NJ. (Yes, I am bummed not to get to hang this fall and dropping hints about alternatives.)
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