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Who has dealt with a long injury cycle?

I'm starting to think I should get the prize for the longest injury. Here's my timetable: November 2015 - pikermi PR January 2016 - hyper colleague insisted on helping me move stage equipment that he didn't know how to move (I was accustomed to moving it by myself and didn't need anyone being a "gentleman.") Result - sprained ankle. March 2016 - Sprained ankle healed. Feral cat momma and kittens acquired and moved indoors, necessitating many trips up and down stairs. Ran a bit, bu



Is It Still Called A Bloop?

I'm sitting in my garage hoping someone will stop and buy the stuff I have in my driveway. It's one of those neighborhood wide garage sales or else we wouldn't have bothered. It was supposed to start at 7am, but the creepers were out at 6:15. I was too, running my 3.1 mile loop while trying to stay in heart rate zone 3. I downloaded some workouts from Garmin Connect that are based on heart rate to see how that feels. Today was 45 minutes of hills in zone 3. The tough part of this is having



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