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December is always slow

Hi All! I don't want to see this place go away, and I know that requires contributing more regularly.  Thus, New Year's Resolution #1 - (setting an achievable goal) - post something (anything - even if it is to check in with a "no runs" update) at least twice a month.  I'm hoping #1 helps with accountability for #2 - Run consistently.      Now for the title of this post- I can never run well in December.  It is a fact that I know exists, and I don't try to do anything about.  In a typi


SandiBeach in Resolutions


I wrote out some resolutions for the year.  Nothing crazy. 1.       Spend 20 minutes a day studying Hungarian. 2.       Run at least 3 times a week (even if I am slow). 3.       Eat better. 4.       Start backpacking (this spring). 5.       Spend less time at the office. Well, I am writing this from my desk at the office on a Sunday, while eating peppermint bark, my run tomorrow and probably for the week is postponed due to an emergency oral surgery first thin
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