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Hello. Yeah, it's been awhile...not much - how 'bout you?

Now that song will be stuck in my head the rest of the day... I'm still alive.  I'm here.  I'm...well...I'm struggling.  Again.  Seems like always, lately.  A while back, my wife and I decided that we are getting divorced after 24 years of marriage.  Not really a surprise...we've been in separate bedrooms for pretty much 4 years now.  Our youngest is a junior in high school, and the other two are out of high school.  So, yeah...it's time.  I guess.  I've been working two jobs for over a yea

Running Loopy

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A Few of My Favorite Things - Thanksgiving Edition

The past year while being horrendous was also one of my best years. I finally feel like I can be me and not be judged for not fitting into some mold.  I feel accepted. In no particular order here are a few of my favorite things: I love lifting and CrossFitting. I love that CrossFit embraces all ages in their advertising.  I love doing Murph with my son.   I love having fun on my bike with friends. I love that my body is s


ocrunnergirl in Bloop

Devil on the Divide

22km (14 miles or so) and 3400ft of climbing, followed by descent again. This was the high point of my day.. I knew this was going to be hard, but it was still harder than expected, more like a marathon effort than a half. Took me 3hr 53min which is longer than any marathon I've (yet) run. To be fair if I did run a marathon now it would be in the 4h30 region. Not much running in the previous months as I'd been nursing a bad knee which my physical therapist told me not to run on.

doug in co

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Keeping my hand in

Not a running post, but running adjacent. I should be at the Millrose Games today, but I'm not, and I'm thinking about last year's Millrose, which was probably our last big day out before everything shut down. Allyson Felix was there. Donavan Brazier set an 800m men's US indoor record. Ajee Wilson set an 800m women's US indoor record. Elle Purrier set a women's USA indoor mile record. People were getting excited about Tokyo. After the meet ended, we hightailed it over to Coogan's to ge


Scott in Bloop

The return of Pluck?

I swear I posted this yesterday but it never posted...   I never thought I would go this long without posting. I guess it kind of snowballed.  Or the opposite of snowballed, I guess. More and more of life happened but the less I had to say about it, I guess. But I made so many friends here.  And I am still bitter that RW purged everything while I was on vacation and I lost years worth of posts. So, for as long as Cliff will allow it, I will do my best to post somewh

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