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The Shoes - Take two (or Three)

New try with Brooks – Ravenna - half a size up.  I like a little support.  Helps to prevent rolling ankles, which I tend to do more often than I should.  It hurts.  These were a little less loud fun in color - blue and an orangey-pink.  Insert right foot – feels pretty good!  Insert left foot – feels pretty good too! Now for a test run.  Out with DH, so a nice short jaunt for a test drive.  Everything is comfortable, this is good, not AMAZING, but good! Uh oh.  Is my heel slipping?  I think my h


SandiBeach in Shoes

The Shoes!

They arrived.  So much anticipation. Last year’s style, but hey, updates are not always better.  Might as well try the older cheaper model.  Green and gold (Launch - St. Patrick’s Day 2020). Cool colors in my opinion (DH thinks they're ugly though).  Excitement growing.  These might be awesome! They look awesome! I can’t wait to try them! Running will be so much easier in these shoes!  I take off my right shoe instantly. Inserting foot into the new show. Hmmm. Seems short. Insert left foot


SandiBeach in Shoes

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