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Hey, look. I'm running.

A couple of weeks in now after taking a couple of weeks off, I think I can confirm my previous diagnosis of tendonitis. This is actually from an old basketball injury. In fact, my last basketball injury and the reason I retired from the sport altogether. I was semi-retired at the time and let some guys talk me into coming for a night because they needed a player to round out the team and avoid a forfeit. Took a fall and landed on my knee and was in pain for a while. Some months later I went


Dave in Running

Starting up. Slowing down.

With T-Rex getting a little more independent at school and Mrs. Dave working full time, I find myself with more free time than I've been used to over the years. Not running a ton adds even more. So I decided a couple of weeks ago to do some deep cleaning around the house, starting with the bedrooms. I imagined that I would whip through one per day after work and be done in less than a week (4 BRs). You can already see where this is going. The first room when just as planned. Removed all the


Dave in Running

LRG Marathon RR. Is it possible to bandit virtual Boston?

I’m fortunate to have a really great, supportive LRG based at the YMCA in my town.  Group runs are scheduled at various times every day of the week and there’s usually always someone ready to jump in on whatever workout shows up on my training schedule.  Still I don’t think I truly appreciated the benefit of a solid LRG until everything shut down last March and all running races cancelled or went virtual. Several sub-groups of our LRG popped up to train for and run virtual Fall races together.


Slow_Running in Running

A Triathlon....errr.....Duathlon of Sorts -- 2020 Version

This was supposed to be the summer I took on my first 1/2 Iron Tri -- swim 1.2, bike 56, run 13.1, but like everything else it was canceled due to Covid. I've been riding with a great group of people for the past 3 months. Many of them are veterans of the Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. They asked me to join their fundraising bike team for the Foster 100. The Foster 100 raises money for service dogs for veterans. The Covid rules for the event were to accumulate 100 miles in the we


ocrunnergirl in Running

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