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Comeback 2022 - the fork is in.

Because it's done. Met with the superstar marathoner guy as scheduled. Thought about editing the last entry to update. Then thought about adding another post about how it went. Considered saying a final goodbye to the Loop. Finally decided I needed more time to process things before I could put anything down. Anyway, here we go. The visit was a total disappointment. I won't say he just blew me off, but he sort of just blew me off. The basic message was, "You'll old now and have to


Dave in Running

Comeback 2022 - weeks 27 & 28

Yikes! Another two weeks slipping by without my noticing. With some limited progress, and today I have the long anticipated appointment with the marathon running doctor. As time goes by, everything seems to be getting SLOWLY better anyway, so I'm now worried that there won't be enough pain for him to help me. Two weeks ago I ran 2 miles twice. Last week I ran 2 miles on Friday and 4 miles on Saturday. At 2-1/2 miles, I was able to feel the spot in the ITBand twinge a little. Made


Dave in Running

Race Week by Sea and by Land

I think it’s week 6.  Or maybe week 5.  Whatever week it is, the 5k is this Saturday and I have been diligently telling my husband that I am not running a marathon this weekend.  There is a BIG difference between a 5k and a marathon.  Please don’t be telling people that your wife and child are running a marathon this weekend.  My body is definitely not marathon ready.  Last weekend we took 2nd place in the PHRF II fleet at the Whidbey Summer Classic Regatta.  WSCR, pronounced “Whisker” bec


StinaQ in Training

ordinary mortals triathlon

very late, race report..  In the old days (early 2000s) it used to take me 2 hours to get to the race site down in Pueblo CO. This year it took 1h 20min ?  Well I'm getting faster at something anyway. The 2004 Ford Sport Trac is apparently quicker than the old 1990 Geo Metro used to be.  It's on the CSU campus, nice and quiet, up on a hill with a view across the plain to the Sangre de Cristo mountains. The hill is good for views, not so wonderful for running or biking back up at the end of e

Ragnar Trail Michigan Relay 2022

I ran the Ragnar Michigan Trail Relay a couple of weeks ago; June 24-25 at the Hanson's Recreation Area near Grayling, Michigan.   Things did not go as smoothly as we wished leading up to the relay as Kevin our captain had to drop out, and another runner had to drop out a few days before the relay due to an injury,   Normally a Ragnar Trail relay team consists of 8 runners.   Fortunately we were able to recruit another 2 runners; one from a Ragnar Michigan Facebook page and another that was frie

Week 4 moving along into week 5 Goals, Motivation and Rewards

Week 4 The fever returned last weekend so I spent the fourth away from everyone not exactly feeling sick and also not feeling too good. When the fever continued to linger, I rested and hoped that it would go away.  No pain or other symptoms apart from a headache.  The teens had the long fourth of July weekend with their dad and when they returned, Mookie didn’t run either.  I had a lot of time to think last week about why I hadn’t lost a blasted inch or pound in the first three weeks of


StinaQ in Training

Comeback 2022 - weeks 25-26

Missed that week, however that happened. Ran again this week (Wednesday) for two miles. Biked after for 8. Total about an hour of work. The bike kept the ITB/hip/etc. nice and loose. No residual tightness or pain. I may be onto something here. Always scoffed at the pro football/basketball players who pedaled on a stationary bike on the sidelines/bench while they waited to get back into the game. I'll stop scoffing now and will be combining this run/ride thing from here on out. At least when


Dave in Running

Week 3 Training Log Recap + Thursday Night RR

Monday I woke with what I thought was the beginnings of a migraine.  At the end of the day, I thought to take my temperature and surprise surprise, was running a fever.  Needless to say, the headache was enough to keep me from my scheduled Monday run.  Tuesday, The headache was gone, but replaced with some fun aches in my hands.  Still running a fever, I took a COVID test.  The last one in our house.  It was inconclusive.  These things are like pregnancy tests that use boogers in

Comeback 2022 - week 24

I have to look at my last entry every time to make sure I get the week number right. That's not because I'm old is it? Spent most of last week walking through the woods with 150 teenagers for a church youth conference. Done this before, doing a fairly lax re-enactment of what's know as the handcart pioneer trek. In 1856-60, Brigham Young came up with a brilliant plan to have several thousand of the poorest converts to the LDS faith from Europe (mostly England and Denmark) just walk to Utah


Dave in Running

Runs with Mookie Week 2 Run 2

I didn't expect this to happen.   Maybe I hoped a little, but I didn't think it was possible.   Maybe it was just a fluke. Today, only two weeks and exactly 5 runs into this training for my first 5k in overtwo years, the 40 yo Mom outran the teen.   We are still doing intervals of running and walking, but we are going for 20 minutes this week and running 2 blocks with a recovery of one block walking.   About ten minutes in, Mookie stopped running two blocks.  My legs were feeling


StinaQ in Running

Comeback 2022 - week 23

I'm going to keep calling a comeback until I get officially shut down. Decision on that may not come until July or August. First will be the new PT group, referred by both my PCP and the urologist. When I mentioned to the latter doc about my side/rib/gut pain, she thought it sounded more muscular than internal organ related, so threw in the PT consult. Then when I saw the PCP to follow up my insulin resistance (I'm protesting by not calling it "diabetes" since I'm producing plenty of insuli


Dave in Running

The Lucky One

This past weekend, I went to Wisconsin to pace a friend for the last 38 miles of a hundred mile race. I was concerned that he would not be able to finish because he had just completed a 150 mile event two weeks prior.  He did not make the cutoff time, in order to be allowed to finish, so the only running I got to do was the 5 or 6 miles I ran when I went out to find him.  Also, I had run a little over two miles earlier in the day just to make sure I ran some.  I've been running more miles recent


May 2022 in review! Total mileage for the month:  340.6 May 2-8:  81.5 May 9-15:  80.5 May 16-22:  75.5 May 23-29:  75.7 May 30-June 4: projected at 75 #marvelousmay Races: May 21: Bill Snyder Highway Half in 1:30:40 for 1st masters female, 5th OAF, and a wonderful mini-racecation. The situation wa

Comeback 2022 - weeks 21-22

Two weeks between entries. You know what that means. Either: 1) Been running so much there's been no time to post. B) The last test run was so terrible that I've been too bummed to try putting anything into words. Yeah, so I went out for another couple. This time (Tuesday of last week - my new plan was to go Tue-Thu-Sat), it hurt so bad I decided to wait longer before trying again. Since there are times when it hurts walking up stairs or lifting, I'll wait at least until those are


Dave in Running

Traverse City Bayshore Half Marathon

It was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, the day before the Bayshore Races in Traverse City, MI where I had registered to run the half marathon.  The Bayshore Races have been deferred (or virtual) for the last two years due to COVID, several running friends and I were looking forward to running it in person this year.  Unfortunately, I had injured my foot earlier in the year and had only two solid weeks of running at 25 mi/week, averaging 9-10 minute miles. My niece had invited my wife an

Comeback 2022 - week 20

2 miles. Maybe 4. My plan is to go out for a couple today, making it 2 runs for the week. Two doctor appointments on Thursday this week. First was the follow up with the ortho on this ITB/hip thing, since PT was a bust for the most part. Not that I don't appreciate the work and human contact. Built some glute strength. But he never did address the root cause and that's disappointing. The ITB is all knotted up, which is putting downward pressure on the hip, which in turn is stressi


Dave in Running

Comeback 2022 - week 19

Another week, another .... Nothing, really. Had final PT session on Monday and have an appointment with the ortho on Thursday coming up. Really hope he doesn't want to talk about my hip. IT'S NOT THE HIP! OK, I feel better now. Emotionally anyway. Also have an appointment (at Mrs. Dave's insistence) with a GI doc on Thursday. This is part of our quest to get to the bottom of this diabetes mystery. There are two possible outcomes from this line of inquiry. Either a) they find


Dave in Running

Comeback 2022 - week 18

Another week of zero progress. Plenty of strength work. Pushing a weighted sled, resistance bands, bridges, lunges. Hip flexibility stuff. PT says he's impressed with how much strength I have for someone my age. 🤣  The last two sessions he's had me run a little. Just up and down the indoor field. Felt a little pain where the ITB attaches to the rear of the hip. If I knew that's all it would do I'd keep running. But it gets progressively worse and hurts more later as things cool. He is ready


Dave in Running

racing this year

picture is from last fall's elk hunting trip.. been trying for ten years, this is the first of all the coming years when I won't be going up a mountain in the fall looking for elk. I'll miss it though in some ways it's a relief, a lot of planning, then physically and mentally tough long days in the field. Applications go in April and I didn't have to spend those hours of analyzing snowpack, forage, long-range weather forecasts, herd reports, etc etc.  After my sainted PT fixed (mostly) the

That was April!

April 2022 in review! Total mileage for the month: 259.7 March 28-April 3: 80.0 April 4-10:  81.1 April 11-17:  45.5 April 18-24:  33.6 April 25-May 1: 71.7 I brought everyone rabbit ez tees back from Boston but forgot to bring mine for the post-run photo! Races: April 18: Boston Marathon i

Broad Street Run - Sometimes You Just Have to Send It

The Broad Street Run has been advertised as one of the fastest 10 milers in the United States.  The race is famously known as one of the fastest, flattest courses. The reason why is its so fast is because Broad Street runs from North to South, down the middle of the city and is gradually down hill. Starting at the highest elevation at approximately 161 ft down to 6 ft at the finish. I know many people who have raced this course, but I have never done it because it requires some logisti

Comeback 2022 - week 15-17

Losing steam. PT continues. Went to Boston to see DS1 run. Met with him and his girls. Helped them navigate the suburbs from Hopkinton to Copley Square. Were able to see him at mile 4 in Ashland, 6-1/2 in Framingham, 9 at Fisk Pond, 10 in Natick, 13 and 16 in Wellesley, 20 in Newton, and 22 at Cleveland Circle. Props for the new tracking app, which let us see if we had time to get where we wanted in time. Obviously, he had the more physically challenging day, but it was pretty stressfu


Dave in Running

Boston Marathon 2022 - Chasing the Unicorn

Going into Boston I was super nervous about 2 weeks ahead of time. People were setting up trackers and asking me about race plans. Some were making their own predictions. I have never felt so unsure of my marathon training. I was never able to hit 50 miles per week. I hit 40 twice, but quite frankly I had lots of weeks in the 30s. This is not to say that I wasn’t feeling fit because I killed myself subbing in CrossFit, swimming and cycling for the running miles that I felt would lead to inj

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

I had registered for the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race in Washington DC, but was debating on switching to the 5K because I developed bursitis on one of the small toe's of my right foot.   After some thought I decided to stay with the 10 mile race, but to do the 10 miles at a comfortable run/walk pace, where I would run for 4 minutes at a 10 min/mile pace followed by a walk for 2 minutes at a 20 min/mile pace.   This would have me finishing in about 2 hours, well under the 2:20 time limit and hopef


Run2BFit in running

Marvelous March

March 2022 in review! Total mileage for the month: 388.0 Feb. 28-March 6: 110.3 March 7-13: 93.0 March 14-20: 88.0 March 21-27: 70.2 March 28-April 3: 80.0 Miles from Mentor Saturday long run crew of 11   Races: March 12:  Running of the Squirrels 3.25 mile 5k as part of a long run wor
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