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    By Catawbagrl,

    We had a rare 70 degree day in Ohio today - hard to believe it's February but I will be reminded quickly as they are calling for an icy mix on Thursday. So anyway, on this beautiful day I decided to take my bike out for the first outside ride of the year.  What should have been a nice ride enjoying the beautiful weather turned into me almost in tears as I kept looking at my mph on my Garmin.  I know it's the first ride and it's not going to be as good as they were in the Fall but it still really bummed me.    I am pretty hard on myself and I make my running and riding not fun some times.  I had been thinking about halfway through this ride that I am never going to beat  Wanda - a  rider in our club that I placed second to last year and really want to beat this year.   Then if hit me - why I am I trying to beat Wanda on the bike and Stacey at the HalfMarathon when I should really be focusing on being the best I can be because what if by just trying to beat them I am missing something bigger. What if I my best is so much better than just beating their times.  What if I tried to be the best me.  That's a hard one for me because it makes an easy goal to just try to beat someone and that can be motivating but trying to be the best you can be should be the ultimate goal.  So I am trying to shift my focus to the things I can and should be doing to be a better runner and rider.  If I can beat them while doing that great but if not, then I will know that I gave it my best and didn't settle to just try to beat someone but to get in the best shape I can.  

    I have been dealing with aging parents, empty nesting, becoming a military mom (ugh) and injuries the past 9 months or so and have let myself sink into a bit of pity party but it's time to get a grip and start taking action.  I hope to start getting on here and sharing my journey.